Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hypocrisy speaking

Seen recently at the Times-Call 'website'

Put in context of the action in the ongoing national budget crisis the President has a Constitutional fiduciary duty to present a statement of the cost of his administration of the governance of this country. No withstanding total control of the government the Democrat's dominance has failed to appropriate the ways and means to sustain the concept of freedom in America. For someone constantly lauded by the media for his brilliance and high-mindedness who never seems to stop talking about bipartisanship and unity, President Obama never fails to be petulant, petty, hyper partisan and, most hypocritical when it comes to withholding funds for the soldiers Obama himself ordered into combat. At a time when our nation is at war it is unfortunate anyone would have, much less demonstrate, less than honorable and professional reasons for compromising the safety of American fighting men and women in harm’s way. Perhaps the shock of reality inherent in Shalini Schane's letter opened the President's eyes. The greatest honor any American can bestow on any fallen American Soldier is to personally honor fallen American soldiers for their ultimate sacrifice and thanks the soldier for this gift of life with freedom. The death and the act of regular acknowledgement by all citizens reconfirm the Union or social compact government has with the governed to maintain liberty. That union was being split by BO insisting at the opening of his speeches “we will move forward together, or not at all, for the challenges we face are bigger than party and bigger than politics”; and the practices of his Administration. Now an American Longmont Mom and a school teacher who organized the trip to DC just called his bluff and may have changed the course of history, if he gets the message.

Wyageeska, Longmont, CO, 4/9/2011 4:37 PM
What sublime bullshit.

This wild-eyed loudmouthed loon has constantly attacked teachers as the core of the economic problem, but as long they're bashing a black president, this blabbering bonehead loves them. Shows how mercurial and fickle the far-right is. As long as you're attacking, attacking, attacking you're okay. Let up for a split second and you're the devil.

Fetid-breathed fool.