Friday, January 14, 2011

Still Spitting On My Wife's Grave

Once again the Times-Call moderators are allowing public hate attacks on myself and Kaye Fissinger:

Nah NotSoBonita, Fissinger and her cronies are against a rail served industrial park. Wrong mode of transport, but yet another one of our LAEC director's projects and goals that constantly get libeled at by the far left in the pursuit of bringing jobs to Longmont. Imagine if no growth Fissinger had gotten on council (yeah, ah he** no). Her voice in this one means squat.

NPH, longmont, co, 1/14/2011 5:32 PM


It figures that Kaye Fissinger and her cronies at that TC slandering website would be against this because they didn't think of it, their pals on council don't want it, and it's in the same general 100 mile area as Lifebridge. We need jobs, not this kind of "anti-anything Party of NO" attitude.

NotSoBonita, Firestone, CO, 1/14/2011 3:46 PM

My guess is that these two are Daniel Martin and Brigette Rodriguez respectively.*

I've asked the Times-Call management to disable the user ID 'NotSoBonita' since it's a clear attack on my deceased wife Marilyn Bonita Wray.

It's sad when the local 'news' source aids and abets this kind of pathetic, hillbilly tactic.

But it's a clear pattern of abuse and it's gone on for over a year now.

The TRUTH is, Kaye Fissinger advanced the idea of a Technology Park during the last council campaign - and now the wingnuts want to claim it as theirs AND stuff a big wad of money in the LifeBridge elders' pocket. Nice. Use taxpayer money to reward their theocrat pals. While the local paper smears their opponents.

I trust the public notices that the TC has become little more than a far-right hate organ.
* Brigette writes:
"I am NOT notsobonita. FYI...BIL is also NOT Brigette in Longmont.

Stop writing me and about me."

Then I wonder who would have such a burning hatred that they needed to attack my wife?


Kaye Fissinger said...

Not only is the Baum Squad seeking to claim credit for ideas that are not theirs -- whether mine or our Democratic leaders over the last four years, they rejected these ideas during the 2009 campaign. Now when developers stand to make money and bail out failing enterprises, they are suddenly interested in the NASA/CAMT aerospace/clean energy project.

I hope the Longmont achieves some benefit from this effort. Should the project be interested in our community, I hope they will propose a more appropriate location that running trains through the Union Reservoir area.

Should you have any Doubting Thomases amongst your readers, here's the evidence of my position from my campaign website that still exists.

"I envision a light industrial/ business park that can be the home of renewable energy and conservation businesses that will expand well-paying primary jobs in our community."

"Our community is made up of employers and employees, large businesses and small businesses, those well-educated, those with specialized skills, and those with more limited education. Our community has a responsibility to seek economic development opportunities for all to prosper."

Doogman said...

Renewable energy? In any project with Mayor' Bryan Baum involved? Oh I doubt THAT very much:

Doogman said...

(sent from her longmontexaminer address)
It has been brought to my attention that you are attempting to libel my good name by suggesting that I am the online poster "NotSoBonita". Not that I care what you think, I suggest you cease and desist immediately in using my name in your public blog postings. You and I are both working with CHIL and if you continue to harass me, I will be speaking with them. I also will be speaking with the management and legal dept at This isn't the first time you have done this using my name or's name.

No, it's not the first time I've suggested this - and it's definitely not the first time my wife has been used as a punching bag by hateful people.

The question has been put. A simple 'it's not me' would be appreciated. I note that this threat does not state that.

Which is fascinating.

The article stands.

Kaye Fissinger said...

Clearly the charge stung. Chickens do have a way of coming home to roost.

Doogman said...

Y'know, I don't mind the attacks on ME. But for the love of Christ I wish they'd back the fuck off my DEAD WIFE. I mean, REALLY?? REALLY? Piss on her grave and I'm supposed to be silent. THE HELL. I'd love to get this into court, then I could do some discovery and find out who's really behind this smear campaign. No more laying down. They picked a fight when they chose that name and I intend to call out whoever's doing this as the hateful coward they are.

Kaye Fissinger said...

To tarnish a dead private citizen simply means that this person carries a personal rage that cannot be extinguished.

Doogman said...

And to do it in furtherance of someone's political career is just beneath worm poo.