Saturday, January 29, 2011

Blowing Gessler

I knew the second I saw Scott Gessler getting hell for his stupid remarks about his 'poor government salary' that in no time his attack chihuahua would come skittering along, yapping and peeing all over the place.

Yes, by all means lets start digging into every single thing that Democratic reps and senators do to make ends meet. Oh by all means. Lets take a look at all the government employees while we're at it. Sure would be nice if we knew just how much money is being spread around by those lovely folks at Western Tradition Partners... something tells me it's a lot.

It's such far-right bullshit... I see in the latest lunatic fringe screed cracks about the condition of education in Colorado - and the hypocrisy is outrageous. Hey shitheads, your raving anti-tax pals and you have been howling about cutting every damn thing they can from the schools.  
The reason the education system in Colorado is in poor condition is because you and your teabaggin pals have been hackin away at it for decades.
So take your smarmy smears about the state of Colorado's education system and put em back where the sun doesn't shine.

As for playin games, you and your far-far-right pals have been playin the hate game for years now - you start this kind of smearing, I guarantee you, you'll regret it. And don't hold up the TC Line as some kind of oracle to the public's opinion - the Times-Call is as far right as a newspaper can get and not have the GOP logo hanging over it's door. With any luck the recent sale will change that.

PS - It's DEMOCRATIC. Your continued misuse of term tells me you're just a hypocritical, double-standard blowhard, so go skydiving. Please.

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Kaye Fissinger said...

The T-C Line!!

Good grief. I didn't realize there was such ignorance in the land until I started reading it. If it's a barometer of opinion, then there is no hope for the city or the nation. I praying (yes, praying) that it's not.

T-C Line is almost exclusively an outlet for those who know nothing about anything. It's where those with IQs below freezing go to prove their ignorance and stupidity.