Monday, June 13, 2011

About Farce

Read this, it will explain the connection between Gabe Santos and the anonymous smear campaigns perpetrated by the new conservative majority on council.

Link to presentation

Sunday, April 24, 2011

David Brooks nails it

From Whiskey Fire:

Very few people have the luxury of being freely obnoxious. Most people have to watch what they say for fear of offending their bosses and colleagues. Others resist saying anything that might make them unpopular.

But, in every society, there are a few rare souls who rise above subservience, insecurity and concern. Each morning they take their own abrasive urges out for parade. They are so impressed by their achievements, so often reminded of their own obvious rightness, that every stray thought and synaptic ripple comes bursting out of their mouth fortified by impregnable certitude. When they have achieved this status they have entered the realm of Upper Blowhardia.

Wow. Best description of Longmont's most virulent hate-blogger I've ever seen. Gotta hand it to the wingnuts, when one of them gets it right they nail it. Thanks Dave!

(wave/shout out to Longmont's Lunatic Fringers)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Small Town, Small People

Longmont really is a small town.

And the smallest people live in the biggest houses.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hypocrisy speaking

Seen recently at the Times-Call 'website'

Put in context of the action in the ongoing national budget crisis the President has a Constitutional fiduciary duty to present a statement of the cost of his administration of the governance of this country. No withstanding total control of the government the Democrat's dominance has failed to appropriate the ways and means to sustain the concept of freedom in America. For someone constantly lauded by the media for his brilliance and high-mindedness who never seems to stop talking about bipartisanship and unity, President Obama never fails to be petulant, petty, hyper partisan and, most hypocritical when it comes to withholding funds for the soldiers Obama himself ordered into combat. At a time when our nation is at war it is unfortunate anyone would have, much less demonstrate, less than honorable and professional reasons for compromising the safety of American fighting men and women in harm’s way. Perhaps the shock of reality inherent in Shalini Schane's letter opened the President's eyes. The greatest honor any American can bestow on any fallen American Soldier is to personally honor fallen American soldiers for their ultimate sacrifice and thanks the soldier for this gift of life with freedom. The death and the act of regular acknowledgement by all citizens reconfirm the Union or social compact government has with the governed to maintain liberty. That union was being split by BO insisting at the opening of his speeches “we will move forward together, or not at all, for the challenges we face are bigger than party and bigger than politics”; and the practices of his Administration. Now an American Longmont Mom and a school teacher who organized the trip to DC just called his bluff and may have changed the course of history, if he gets the message.

Wyageeska, Longmont, CO, 4/9/2011 4:37 PM
What sublime bullshit.

This wild-eyed loudmouthed loon has constantly attacked teachers as the core of the economic problem, but as long they're bashing a black president, this blabbering bonehead loves them. Shows how mercurial and fickle the far-right is. As long as you're attacking, attacking, attacking you're okay. Let up for a split second and you're the devil.

Fetid-breathed fool.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Panic in the Tower, Chaos in the Sky

Panic in the Tower, Chaos in the Sky

February 23, 2011
By M. Douglas Wray
From INews – The Rocky Mountain Investigative News Network:

Colorado air traffic safety concerns soar

Near mid-air collisions in Colorado may be triple FAA’s public disclosures

Image courtesy of INews
I-News has analyzed 10 years’ worth of federal air safety reports and found that Colorado’s air traffic controllers reported more serious safety concerns last year than they had in the previous five years combined.
We then compared these reports – which are made to NASA – with data from the Federal Aviation Administration. We found the number of near mid-air collisions in Colorado since 2000 may be as much as three times higher than the FAA publicly reports. FAA officials say the NASA reports – which are anonymous – are not as precise as their own.
The near misses and dangerous decisions are sometimes blamed on inexperienced trainees or overtaxed veterans, according to the NASA reports. Concern is likely to mount as a

Air Safety Plummeting?
wave of controller retirements is expected to peak in Colorado next year.
Search and read the actual NASA air safety reports for yourself: NASA Safety Database

If you have a Colorado air traffic safety story to share, add your comment below or contact

Great, so the FAA has been (let’s use a nice word) ‘fibbing’ about how many ‘serious’ (as in could have caused a crash with loss of life) safety incidents there have been the past few years.
So maybe St. Reagan’s firing of air traffic controllers wasn’t such a great idea.
With lots of experienced controllers gone, (obviously) less-skilled ones were hired and after little time on the job were called ‘experts’ – when they clearly weren’t.
Now these wannabe Mavericks are teaching other controllers and the incidence of near-misses and near-disasters is soaring.
Golly. Letting the market control things sure doesn’t seem to be working out for the consumer. At least from the safety standpoint – and after all, isn’t that the bottom line? Getting there alive?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dear FRChicken

Come see me in person, or are you not man enough?

You're filth and all those that help you are too.


So many masks the wingers wear.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Blowing Gessler

I knew the second I saw Scott Gessler getting hell for his stupid remarks about his 'poor government salary' that in no time his attack chihuahua would come skittering along, yapping and peeing all over the place.

Yes, by all means lets start digging into every single thing that Democratic reps and senators do to make ends meet. Oh by all means. Lets take a look at all the government employees while we're at it. Sure would be nice if we knew just how much money is being spread around by those lovely folks at Western Tradition Partners... something tells me it's a lot.

It's such far-right bullshit... I see in the latest lunatic fringe screed cracks about the condition of education in Colorado - and the hypocrisy is outrageous. Hey shitheads, your raving anti-tax pals and you have been howling about cutting every damn thing they can from the schools.  
The reason the education system in Colorado is in poor condition is because you and your teabaggin pals have been hackin away at it for decades.
So take your smarmy smears about the state of Colorado's education system and put em back where the sun doesn't shine.

As for playin games, you and your far-far-right pals have been playin the hate game for years now - you start this kind of smearing, I guarantee you, you'll regret it. And don't hold up the TC Line as some kind of oracle to the public's opinion - the Times-Call is as far right as a newspaper can get and not have the GOP logo hanging over it's door. With any luck the recent sale will change that.

PS - It's DEMOCRATIC. Your continued misuse of term tells me you're just a hypocritical, double-standard blowhard, so go skydiving. Please.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Challenger Revealed


Challenger Revealed: How the Reagan Administration Caused the Greatest Tragedy of the Space Age

by Richard C Cook

My book Challenger Revealed: An Insider’s Account of How the Reagan Administration Caused the Greatest Tragedy of the Space Age is being published this month (February 2007) by Thunder’s Mouth Press. It’s the only book by a participant in both the events leading up to the Challenger disaster of 1986 and the investigations which followed it.

I went to work at NASA in July 1985, six months before Challenger blew up 73 seconds after liftoff in the freezing morning temperatures in Florida on January 28, 1986. I had been hired as a resource analyst in the comptroller’s office at headquarters.

My first assignment was to interview the solid rocket booster engineers at headquarters who were looking at problems with the O-ring joints which connected the segments of the rockets. I was shocked when they told me that the flaws in the joints could cause the shuttle to blow up. They said they “held their breath” with every launch. Though a redesign was in the works, the shuttle would “fly as is” for over two more years. I reported this in a memo to management.

There were other problems with the shuttle that caused people at headquarters to say that “sooner or later” there would be a catastrophe which would bring the program to a halt. But no one could stop it. The Space Transportation System had been declared operational by President Reagan after the fourth shuttle flight in 1982.

Besides, the shuttle was becoming a platform for space weapons testing under the Strategic Defense Initiative – “Star Wars” – so it was an integral part of the Reagan military build-up. Whether the military use of the shuttle was in agreement with the stated purpose of NASA’s 1958 enabling legislation – “that activities in space should be devoted to peaceful purposes for the benefit of mankind” – was a question no one seemed to be asking.

The greatest tragedy of the space age took place that cold January morning. Seven astronauts died, including Christa McAuliffe, the teacher-in-space. They were calling her mission “the ultimate field trip.”

NASA knew that same afternoon exactly what had happened to cause the disaster. The O-rings had been too cold to seal. A burnthrough in the side of one of the two booster rockets severed the strut which connected it to the external tank. The hydrogen from the tank ignited in a gigantic fireball, and the Challenger orbiter broke into pieces, with the crew cabin emerging intact. The cabin fell 40,000 feet and struck the ocean at 200 miles per hour. At least some of the astronauts were alive on the way down. We know this, because three of their emergency air packs had been activated.

NASA immediately moved to implement a cover-up, but more was going on than met the eye. A few days later a Presidential Commission was created by the White House which had its own cover-up agenda, namely to conceal White House involvement in the launch decision in connection with publicity for the teacher-in-space mission.

So I was sitting with my wife Phyllis in our house in rural Virginia with a pile of documents showing just how thoroughly NASA was aware of the O-ring problems and how they knew such a disaster could happen. I approached the Presidential Commission but sensed something was strange with their approach so quickly backed off. I tried to document internally that engineers were saying it was a preventable accident, but NASA confiscated all the copies of my report – except the one I took home, of course.
I made the decision to leak the O-ring papers, including my own July 23, 1985, warning memo, to the New York Times. The story that resulted, written by science writer Phillip Boffey, won the Pulitzer Prize.

Suffice it to say that almost everything the public learned about Challenger, notably the facts that the O-ring seals were known to be deficient and that the night before the launch, engineers from Morton Thiokol had argued vociferously against launching in the cold weather, originated with whistleblowers who defied their organizations to speak out. These included myself at NASA headquarters, Roger Boisjoly and Alan McDonald of Morton Thiokol, a member of the Presidential Commission, Nobel Prize winner Dr. Richard Feynman, and John Young, NASA’s most veteran astronaut. From one point of view, my book is the largely untold story of the whistleblowers.

But there were many things the official reports did not disclose. While the militarization of the manned space program was the chief underlying cause of the disaster, not one word in the reports of the Commission or the House Science and Technology Committee mentioned this fact. The reports claimed that higher NASA officials were uninformed about the O-ring problems, which was untrue. The reports blamed poor communications and procedures, also untrue. NASA was the world leader in communications and procedures. Nothing was said about the fact that NASA was in the throes of a leadership crisis due to a virtual coup engineered by the political right-wing a few weeks before the explosion. Finally, the Commission claimed there was no political pressure from outside NASA to launch Challenger, which my book shows conclusively to be false.

In fact, Chairman William Rogers admitted to the Senate that the Commission didn’t know why NASA launched when it shouldn’t have. This was repeated in the report of the House Science and Technology Committee. Think of it – two major government investigations, months of hearings and investigations, thousands of pages of records and reports, and they said they didn’t know why it happened.

My book analyzes all these issues through meeting notes, documents, interviews, and analysis, much of which has never before been disclosed in print. And my book, twenty-one years later, does tell you why and how it happened.

Richard C. Cook and screenwriter Chaz Valenza are collaborating on a movie version of Challenger Revealed to be titled Single Point Failure, the story of a true patriot who has the courage to question authority, whatever the consequences. A political drama, the movie will depict the little known events and self-serving decisions leading up the tragic launch and deliberate cover-up.

Richard C. Cook is the author of Challenger Revealed: An Insider’s Account of How the Reagan Administration Caused the Greatest Tragedy of the Space Age, called by Publisher’s Weekly, “easily the most informative and important book on the disaster.” He worked in the Carter White House and NASA before spending twenty-one years as an analyst with the U.S. Treasury Department. Once a high school history teacher, he is now a writer and consultant on public policy issues. Seeing how our debt-based monetary system has bankrupted our country, he is also working on a book on monetary reform. His website is at

Friday, January 14, 2011

Still Spitting On My Wife's Grave

Once again the Times-Call moderators are allowing public hate attacks on myself and Kaye Fissinger:

Nah NotSoBonita, Fissinger and her cronies are against a rail served industrial park. Wrong mode of transport, but yet another one of our LAEC director's projects and goals that constantly get libeled at by the far left in the pursuit of bringing jobs to Longmont. Imagine if no growth Fissinger had gotten on council (yeah, ah he** no). Her voice in this one means squat.

NPH, longmont, co, 1/14/2011 5:32 PM


It figures that Kaye Fissinger and her cronies at that TC slandering website would be against this because they didn't think of it, their pals on council don't want it, and it's in the same general 100 mile area as Lifebridge. We need jobs, not this kind of "anti-anything Party of NO" attitude.

NotSoBonita, Firestone, CO, 1/14/2011 3:46 PM

My guess is that these two are Daniel Martin and Brigette Rodriguez respectively.*

I've asked the Times-Call management to disable the user ID 'NotSoBonita' since it's a clear attack on my deceased wife Marilyn Bonita Wray.

It's sad when the local 'news' source aids and abets this kind of pathetic, hillbilly tactic.

But it's a clear pattern of abuse and it's gone on for over a year now.

The TRUTH is, Kaye Fissinger advanced the idea of a Technology Park during the last council campaign - and now the wingnuts want to claim it as theirs AND stuff a big wad of money in the LifeBridge elders' pocket. Nice. Use taxpayer money to reward their theocrat pals. While the local paper smears their opponents.

I trust the public notices that the TC has become little more than a far-right hate organ.
* Brigette writes:
"I am NOT notsobonita. FYI...BIL is also NOT Brigette in Longmont.

Stop writing me and about me."

Then I wonder who would have such a burning hatred that they needed to attack my wife?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Not Exactly Civil

This comment I spotted on the web is fascinating:

"...beat the shit out of you with my dick."  ??

How does one do that?

Obviously done at very close range.

Monday, January 3, 2011

More yapping

I guess some ill will was Hatched when the lightning struck the other way... you can hear that damn chiuhuahua yowlin again... sad. Wish the 'owner' would let that mutt play in traffic.