Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Mr Wray, you and former council candidate Kaye Fissinger are the biggest harassers of the mayor (and his wife) on your piece o crapola website. Your faux concern is pitiful. As for Sean McCoy, ya think he could have waited until the mayor was 100% after having his freaken kidney and rib removed due to cancer before you begin your usual attitude problem towards him? While the mayor doesn't need fake condolences from Mr Wray (ack), the attitude projected last night is disgusting, yet typical of Sean McCoy and his supporters Mr Wray and Ms Fissinger. Partisanship at it's worst.

BIL, longmont co, 9/22/2010 8:50 PM 
The sentiment is sincere. If you can't understand my meaning, you're an idiot.

How about 'NotSoBonita' ? Making fun of my dead wife? There's a real hero.

The mayor's wife tried to freaking BRIBE ME with a 'charitable contribution' to stop bringing up Longmont Report.

It's clear who's harrassing who.