Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Because there is no decency or oversight apparently

For the record:

This person commenting on the Times-Call is not me:

Weird Boulder has a reputation for solving homicides and not bringing in suspects needlessly. Just ask Mark Carr

MacNwebguru, Longmont CO, 7/12/2010 6:06 PM

I only post under my real name M. Douglas Wray.

Also, I find it terrifically funny that a local hate blogger calls me names for giving the TC shit but it's okay for his pals to hack on them:

Such sloppy reporting, Times-Call. You tell us he won't stand trial. If we read between the lines, I presume we're supposed to assume that there is/was not enough evidence. If that is so, tell us. Interview the prosecutor's office. Is the case still open? Is the man still a suspect? What does it mean that the body was moved? By a person, the elements, an animal?

also vigilant, blue state, USA, 7/12/2010 4:19 PM  
AV, this is just typical TC reporting - do nothing but parrot press releases, and copy and paste meeting minutes. Perhaps a murderer has walked? Eh, maybe later. Unless, of course, they are hot on the trail of the Colorado's White Menace, raw milk!

Snagglepuss, Longmont, CO, 7/12/2010 5:14 PM
I love it! Snagglepuss! I do agree with your comment though. Their "reporters" are largely like us. They don't do much actual reportage, wherein they interview people and try to get a decent story. They are just creating content. Often, the Daily Camera has better articles on Longmont - they send reporters who interview and ask questions.

Red_Man, Longmont, 7/12/2010 5:46 PM 

Typical hypocrisy of the right. IOKIYAR.