Wednesday, July 7, 2010

With all due respect to Mr. Larison

"Candidates won because more voters trusted their message and outlook for Longmont."


Candidates won because a huge smear campaign was run, funded by a ton of out of state money, aided and abetted by vicious right-wing liars and thugs.

Only fools or paid henchemen would trust Baum and his crowd. The man's a punk and it shows:

And this bit proves that it's ALL ABOUT THE MONEY:

This translates to: "Government is for the wealthy, peons need not apply"

The fact that the Times-Call keeps running screeds underlines their bias.

And always with the sports analogies.

It's not a football game you monobrowed clown, it's MY HOME - and I intend to fight for it before I let thugs like you and your ilk destroy it.

Anti-God mentality? Jesus, the holier than thou shit is really old - and another lie.

God have mercy on you and yours, you'll need it.
LOL! I see from the semi-coherent screechings that I hit a nerve.

It's good to see that our dear friends on the outer fringes of reality are reading.

*waves and smile brightly*

Say hi to the missus!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Verbal Fireworks

To all the haters. You know who you are. Every word of this is meant for you. Take it personally. Please.

Can't wait to see how this plays out...

...especially since the next City Council election promises to be the dirtiest one in history, what with unlimited money and a right wing willing to sacrifice anything to win - even their dignity, decency and humanity.

However, citizens are watching closely now and whistleblowers could not only turn things upside down, but raise the ante to unprecendented levels, especially when the people behind the dirty tricks are revealed - again.

Fort Collins wingnuts tried and failed epicly to attack a Progressive and now are facing possible legal charges and jail time - I wonder if Longmont's wingnut brigade could stand a stay in the slam?

Somehow I doubt it, they're delicate flowers and might wilt if the heat got up too high.