Thursday, June 17, 2010

Busted Teabag

I can always count on the Times-Call to roll out the red carpet for the loons...

The comments on this opinion 'piece' are hilarious - in particular:

Way too many of "We The People" vote to extend our own gravy train from the largess of the Federal Government. This is the simple tyranny of the "majority" of voters in populous cities and states (e.g., SEIU and other union members) voting for US Senators who favor forced redistribution of wealth. This is also known as "democracy." That is the SAME reason that we must cherish and preserve the use of the electoral college to choose the US President. If not for that, sparsely populated states would never be able to have a chance of representation in the Executive branch of government.
 NOTE TO ALL POLITICIANS AND MEDIA: The Constitution of the United States establishes a REPUBLIC of sovereign States, NOT a Democracy. The word "democracy" appears nowhere in either the Declaration or the Constitution.

NextVoiceUHear, Longmont, CO, 6/17/2010 11:26 AM
For the record, has received comments in the past from Daniel Martin, using the exact same pseudonym and listing his email address. (The comment was an attack on one of FRL's writers and was not published per the comment rules.)

Mr. Martin is a candidate for Boulder County Clerk and Recorder. (TC Story)

Seriously, would you let someone with views this extreme anywhere near our government? Let alone the department that controls so many basic functions? Imagine the chaos this wild-eyed hardcore partisan could wreak given access to these systems. At the absolute least he'd drive the staff out of their minds with intolerant and ill-informed rhetoric.

Did I mention the Clerk and Recorder manage our elections?

My advice is to vote to retain Hillary Hall.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Ah, let's not call names, let's name names. This nebulous sounding WIIFL has a registered address NOT in the City of Longmont (Unincorporated WeldCo) and it's members, according to the Secy of State's Office are (this isn't libelous or anything, just on the state records): Duane Leise, M. Douglas Wray, Kaye Fissinger, Anita Lynch, and Joan & Robert Peck. And their petitions are all on file at the City Clerks Office if you're curious who circulated this agenda-driven campaign. I don't blame most of the people who signed those petitions, the ones I talked to were flat-out lied to. And we all will pay the price for a long time.

Longmont Advocate, Longmont, 6/14/2010 10:30 PM

Pathetic. I told no one a lie. This is just more hateful bullshit from the loons on the right. Aided and abetted by the Times-Call.

'The ones you talked to' - you mean that "hide behind anonymity because they'd have to prove it otherwise" - and can't. But you won't grow up.

You just can't deal with the fact that Longmont did not WANT the Lifebridge project - a small, well-heeled group of greedheads did. You must have been in for a nice cut to be still pounding away at this petition drive.

As for 'costing' Longmont - your pals all made out fine from the lawsuits.

What more do you want? Your enemies paraded down Main Street so you and your NRA pals can shoot them? Please. Grow up.

Acts of God

It's funny, but I see God's intentions too. Seems obvious. A coincidence?

It's going to be interesting to see Firestone's plan for supporting the LifeBridge development.

How do you budget for more services with less net tax revenue?

Metro Special District is going to become a curse-phrase.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Shovels in the Ground

Well, it's cost the 4Cs several Ms, a couple of years and permanent writer's cramp for their staff of blogger(s), but by gum the god-fearin money-havin people in Longmont done got thar way! All nine of em.

Longmont, Firestone settle border war

I'm sure there was dancin and whoopin in the upstairs at the TC today, considering their significant investment in political capital.

But what caught my eye was a comment by one of the angriest of the frothing far-right-wing commenters: 'BIL'-

As for the What's in it for Longmont crowd: DON'T EVEN THINK OF TRASHING THE GOOD PEOPLE OF LIFEBRIDGE in this comment section. I will report every single comment for comment policy violations. They are our friends, neighbors, and community members and this issue being settled will allow them to move on and not be trashed any longer. To try to trash their reputations again would be disgraceful. The only thing your self proclaimed partisan driven "historic petition" did was create division in our community.

longmont co, 6/14/2010 5:23 PM

Hey BIL - I'd like to encourage you to mate with yourself.You and your 'vested' pals at the TC may be able to quiet people you don't like - but NOT OVER HERE. I'll say what I like about whom I like and you can basically piss off.

The division in Longmont started a LONG time ago, when the wealthy decided they owned everything in Longmont - including the people. They don't.

The 'good people of Lifebridge' you're so valiantly defending are the Elders - who will bring nothing but ruin on Firestone. One good thing, it won't be happening to Longmont.

ps BIL, say hi to our favorite person since I'm certain you're him.