Saturday, May 15, 2010

No Humility Seen

Great article at the TC 'We are humbled' -

Rev. Rick Ebbers is quoted as saying:
“Part of what we do here today is to honor those throughout our nation who have laid down their lives, but another part is we want to say thank you to you — you men and women who don the uniform every day, who are willing to put your lives on the line.”

So these men and women who voted for the right to collective bargaining clearly have earned it - and the voters agreed.

Take a wild guess who disagreed, claiming "they don't need it" (MP3 file) Yep, the Skinless Mayor's own hard-bloggin wife, author of the notorious (and lie-packed) 'Pink Letter' that was hand-delivered to every frothing wingnut in Longmont and helped shepherd Gabe Santos onto the council where he now sits at the mayor's right (desperately) trying to keep him from acting like an idiot (and failing epicly).

The man sitting in the mayor's chair does not believe that workers (in any field) deserve any voice - ever and his wife actively campaigned against it with him nodding and smiling as she did.

Every citizen in Longmont needs to remember, the new majority on council does not value their safety and never has - their own words campaigning prove it without a doubt.