Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rude Pundit on Bachmann/Palin/Hannity

Bachmann and Palin on Hannity: Like Hell on Earth:
Last night

Bachmann and Palin on Hannity: Like Hell on Earth:
Last night Rep. Michele Bachmann and celebrity Sarah Palin joined Sean Hannity on his Fox "news" program. The occasion was a Minneapolis rally for Bachmann's reelection where Palin spoke. It was not unlike a menage a trois in Hell, where you get so tired of the barbed tails in your ass and mouth that you wonder when you can just go back to roasting in a lake of fire.

Right out of the gate, Hannity said one of those inconceivably idiotic things, something that makes you wonder if he actually listens to his own show. Talking about sexist attacks on Palin and Bachmann (without using the word "sexist," because, on supposes, it's part of the liberal lexicon), he offered, "You have been criticized for your looks, for your clothes, et cetera, et cetera." And then he queried, "What do you think the reaction would be if things that were said about either of you were said about either Hillary Clinton or Michelle Obama or Nancy Pelosi? Would there be a difference?"

And Hannity might be right to ask such a question if he wasn't completely wrong. Because to ask that question in that way is to willfully ignore a King Kong-sized shitpile of sexist criticism of Pelosi, Clinton, and Obama. Where do you wanna go with this? Pelosi facelift remarks? Pelosi facelift remarks made on Hannity's own fucking show? Jokes about Hillary Clinton's looks? Sexist remarks about Hillary Clinton aired without condemnation on Hannity's own fucking show? And, no, we've never had to listen to any attacks on the way Michelle Obama dresses. Oh, except for all those attacks on the way she dresses, including on Hannity's own fucking show.

Bachmann's response to Hannity was to make some off-handed remark about the media, adding, "We all know that there's a double standard." And then Palin said some stupid bitch thing. (That was sarcasm, motherfuckers, sarcasm. Unless it wasn't. Who knows?)

The whole of the interview was like watching three wildebeests fuck each other - awkward, stupid-looking, and mostly goddamned funny. Of course, to the wildebeests, it's very serious business, this fucking they're engaged in. Palin did what she always does; she strung together key words and talking points into nonsense verse: "I think this is indicative of what is coming in November. I think that there will be that sweeping of change and you will see that takeover, if you will, a positive, a good valuable takeover of common sense conservatives back in Congress." That's not actually a sentence with a logical progression of ideas. But it does contain words that the slavering teabaggers in the room could understand. It's the conservative version of pointing and grunting.

Bachmann, of course, continued with her apocalyptic fear-mongering: "Well, we're looking at certain bankruptcy and certain economic collapse if we don't get our house in order. Within 10 years leading economists tell us the United States will essentially be in the same position as Greece. The United States of America."

And then Palin followed up the fearmongering by saying it's not fearmongering, "Now and let me remind you, Sean, too, when we talk like this, when we talk like this, you know that lame stream media, they will get weed out about this. Their heads will spin and they will tell people that we are fear mongers, that we are exaggerating the State of the Union. And yet this is reality." Or, in other words, "Grunt. Lame stream media. Grunt."

They went on to talk about Obama's nuclear arms policy, and asking Sarah Palin about nuke policy is like asking an especially inarticulate five year-old if she prefers early or later Bergman films. They all praised Ronald Reagan, without acknowledging that, like Obama, he negotiated disarmament deals. And by the time Bachmann said, "I want to thank Governor Palin for breaking the barrier by being a woman as a vice president on the ticket," as if the barrier hadn't been broken 30 years earlier by Geraldine Ferraro, the Rude Pundit couldn't get his head around the number of delusions, lies, and distortions.

The fact that these two people are considered "leaders" in their movement demonstrates that the movement itself is an empty vessel, lurching forward, hoping to accomplish nothing more, and nothing less, than just wrecking whatever is in its path.
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A Very Good Question

Why Isn’t Fox Going Wall-to-Wall With the Denver “Shoe Bomber?”
BREAKING NEWS (per Fox, below):  “Air Marshals Reportedly Stop ‘Shoe Bomb’ Attempt on Jet from D.C. to Denver.”

So why isn’t Fox going to breathless, hyperventilating wall-to-wall BREAKING NEWS, this is a FOX NEWS ALERT-type stuff?
UPDATE:  Could it be because the “suspect” turns out to be a Qatari ($$oil$$) diplomat?

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Advocates for Stalking

This is why I keep an eye on the Times-Call blog comments:

Mr Singer, speaking of being respectful...perhaps you best talk to your own Longmont Area Democrat member Doug Wray and ask him why he took photos of a... member of the community who was shaking hands with the Longmont mayor and then (lie deleted) (more lies and conjecture without proof) FYI: When you have active members of the Longmont Area Dems attempting to bait... members of the community like this and then going out and preaching about "inclusiveness" tends to fall on deaf ears.
RedHair, longmont, co, 4/6/2010 2:22 PM

Gee, there's just nothing like having your own team of stalkers. Why don't you two1 get a life? Really. You're embarrassing yourselves - but I'm sure that's nothing new to you.

I just love how these whackjobs make this nonsense up and then libel me with the help of the moderated-after-the-fact Longmont Times-Call. At least the TC takes this bullshit down when called on it2.

The Longmont Times-Call claims they can't pre-moderate because it's 'too difficult' - funny... FreeRangeLongmont has no trouble doing it... Longmont's 'First Lady'3 has found this out the hard way4 - several times.

FYI: when you have hard-core partisan hacks whispering in the mayor's ear (and his wife) and piles of old money without Hawaiian vacations or boar hunts to go on it's pretty much a nonstop bombardment of lies, innuendo and slander.

Gee... just like Tom Delay5 would do!
1.  2.5 if you're measuring by volume, 0.75 if by IQ
2.  Assuming you catch them at it - just like the GOP
3.  Who's really no lady at all and has lied about 'not blogging' anymore...
4.  She's very clearly a slow learner
5.  Gabe Santos' old boss, a crimminal and thug