Saturday, March 27, 2010

Longmont's First Lady Still Blogging

Not satisfied with phone calls and obnoxious emails (that got her banned from Front Range Longmont) our glorious mayor and his 'first lady' are now resorting to using Facebook to attack free speech and catspaws to send hateful messages.

I know why they're so desperate to silence their opposition - but the facts aren't going away.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

They've Got a Boehner

I get emails. Lots and lots of emails. Some from people that would pee themselves if they knew they ended up on my desk.

Here's one such:

Fellow Friend of Israel,

The Obama Administration's heated denouncement of our ally Israel's actions in approving the development of 1600 apartments in East Jerusalem during Vice President Joseph Biden's visit was beyond irresponsible.

The actions taken by Israel were absolutely consistent with the policy and commitments of three previous U.S. administrations. It is this current administration's attempt to renege on such previous promises that is abhorrent and should be condemned by all Americans. It is clearly an affront to the values and foundation of our long-term relationship, but most importantly, from a national security standpoint, it is beyond comprehension why this administration would choose to demonize and weaken Israel - the U.S.'s closest friend, the strongest democracy and our most important military ally in the Middle East.

Unfortunately, this development is just another example of how the far left ignores the principles and traditions of America. The Obama Administration has demonstrated a repeated pattern since it took office: while it makes concessions to countries acting contrary to U.S. national interests, it ignores or snubs the commitments, shared values and sacrifices of many of our country's best allies.

With Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid in the president's back pocket, the cycle is likely to continue. That's why it's absolutely critical for Republicans to win a majority in Congress in November. I am reaching out to you because I need your financial support to ensure my re-election so I can continue to provide conservative leadership for the entire country.

Will you follow this link and make a contribution of $25, $50, $100, $250 or more today? Any amount you can give will make a big difference in my campaign.

Threatening America's relationship with Israel is a dangerous path for the far left to lead us down politically and militarily. Americans have strong ties to Israel, and will not tolerate a fraying in our two countries' relationship. And with troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, Americans will not allow the Administration to put their safety at risk. It's reckless to focus so much attention on Israel when countries like Iran pose such serious challenges to our national security.

If the Administration was serious about working toward resolving the conflict in the Middle East, it would focus on Iran's behavior - its pursuit of nuclear weapons, state-sponsorship of terrorism, crushing of domestic democratic forces, destabilizing impact on the region - and the credibility of international nonproliferation efforts.

But don't count on it. The Administration is more focused on ramming its jobs-killing agenda through Congress. Fortunately, House Republicans remain committed to our long-standing bilateral friendship with Israel, as well as to the promises this country has made.

House Republicans recognize the real security dilemmas facing the United States. So can I count on you to make a generous contribution to my re-election campaign? I need your support to help ensure that I continue to represent our responsible, conservative values in the House. Please follow this link to give so generously as you can today.

Thank you in advance for your support.

John Boehner
House Republican Leader

P.S., Who do you want controlling Congress next term? Nancy Pelosi and her far left cronies who care more about spending, taxing, and borrowing than our fiscal health and national security? Or House Republicans who are working every day to ensure that our nation and our security are not jeopardized by the Administration's agenda? If you said "House Republicans" then you know that it is absolutely critical to elect a Republican majority this November. Please help by following this link and making a contribution of $25, $50, $100, $250 or more to my re-election campaign. Your support today will ensure that I continue to represent your values in the House and I am able to keep leading the charge to protect you and your family. Thank you. 

Jesus... The ink on the Health Care bill isn't even dry and these scammers are already trying to make hay with it - and to the religious right no less.

You think they'd learn - I mean the religious right who will dive on this with both hands and feet and shovel money into the pockets of the people that will harm the country the most. Reliable fools they are.

What I wonder about is why is Mr. Boner doing this? Surely with all the corporate money they'll be getting they don't need their base to even try. So... why the 'give' message - and so carefully timed? I think because they know the bill is going to make a lot of folks happy and they won't want to contribute then - and the GOP is going to have to pay a LOT of money to incite a civil war.

Sometimes it's not so much what your opponent does as when. When there's a drumbeat of attacks and violence and I see fundraising letters from GOP senators it's pretty obvious who they're appealing to.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

GOP shows true colors: whiny infants

From the Colorado Independent:

Republicans angered over the passage of health care legislation Sunday have blocked a hearing scheduled by U.S. Sen. Mark Udall for this afternoon on how to protect Colorado cities and towns from the hazards of the beetle infestation that has ravaged millions of acres of lodge pole pine tress here.

Okay, so they've gone from the 'Party of No' to 'Obstructionists' - not really that big a change...

So, from a representation point of view, do CO Republicans accept that their party is simply going to do nothing the rest of the year? This is what passes as 'bipartisan' work? That's just repulsive and childish.

I'm been sick to death of hearing a hard-core partisan mayor (and his shrill, angry wife) cawing about how Longmont needs to 'come together' when in fact they've done everything imaginable to tear the town apart. And then I read that Congressional Republicans are going to be pissy crybabies the rest of the year and do everything to hamper the operation of Congress.

The GOP is proving that they're not about doing their jobs or being honest - just like all the crooked creeps trying to rip off the taxpayers with sleazy half-baked public-funded (aka tax-exempt) developments.

It's time to vote them ALL out. ALL OF THEM.

HeavenFest YES YES YES Rhythm on the River NO NO NO

I have to say the comments on the TC story Recession hurting Rhythm: Fest organizers to ask city for money are really quite confusing.

Almost unanimously the wingnuts are screaming NO!!! NO!!! NO GIVEAWAYS!!! - which I find confusing since they seemed so enamored of giveaways - especially in the case of HeavenFest and the ankle-grabbing way they insisted their new Immoral Majority hand over the keys to the city.

So, a festival that's been part of Longmont for decades gets a high hard one while a johnny-come-lately religious loon-fest gets to cause thousands and thousands of dollars of damage while taxpayers foot the bill (and get stiffed on any gate proceeds)(well, at least that money will go to help orphans... hmm... not so much).

I just don't understand.

Oh, wait, it's to ultimately help the cause of theocracy in Boulder County (the CO GOP's 'unicorn') and to take back Colorado from those evil, evil Progressives. All that gate-take will be funneled back to the CO GOP (through carefully-obscured channels) to help their candidates run nonstop full-throttle door-to-door smear campaigns, ensuring that business once again OWNS and RUNS Colorado.

So basically the symbol for Longmont will be a big cross with a ring of dollar signs around it?

Jesus save us.