Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Face of Hate

Longmont has a very definite 'crazy' side - the kind of people that shoot things simply because they love to watch them die. This group of sociopaths has been howling for blood ever since the prairie dogs began 'infringing'  on their favorite play areas - though in truth the prarie dogs have been there all along and it's the humans doing the 'infringing'.

What I find most repulsive about this crowd of mask-wearing cowards is the way they constantly vilify Ruby Bowman and the point-blank crazy threats and fantasies they blurt out on the unmoderated Times-Call comments:

I'm taking bets that they'll find Prairie Dog Lady caught in one of those traps too.
NoBoulderNo Longmont, CO, 2/18/2010 6:57 AM

Actually, I'd be more concerned about one of your stray pets getting caught in one. Maybe when you're 'hunting' and your dog steps in a rusty old bear trap you'll think differently about this. Doubt it though, the violent sociopaths always seem to have a quick rationalization ready - and a sacrificial lamb (they're big on anything that involves killing or bloodshed). Besides, pets are just another consumable to them, made with unskilled labor (like those people that harvest our food).

The only good prarie dog is a dead prarie dog!!
Weld Resident, Longmont Co, 2/18/2010 8:41 AM

Well, that's touching. The same kind mentality nearly exterminated our wolf population. Oh wait, this is the same crowd that cheers a woman that hunts wolves from a helicopter - the most craven technological cowardice conceivable.

I wonder if Animal and Pest Control Specialist Inc. is going to post a guard by their traps to prevent the "priarie dog lady" from coming by every night and tripping the traps or freeing any animals caught already. If she's caught, I wonder what they can charge her with.
Elwood, Longmont, CO, 2/18/2010 10:08 AM
I have no doubt the local NRA members will have the entire area staked out and will shoot to kill anyone that comes anywhere near their twisted little playground. I wonder if there will be any charges after they injure a citizen. My bet is no since they've got friends in high places.

This sounds like a great idea to feed the lettle devils to the birds Now would someone tell me if the prairie dogs do in fact carrie a desease that is harmful to humans and if so then whats the big deal about iradicating them and where are the save the mosquito wakos after all dont they feed BATS and Ill bet if you ask the protesters they are for for pro choice go figure And a 22 round would be a lot cheaper maybe the SWAT team could go practice their shooting
conservelongmont, Longmont,colorado, 2/18/2010 10:16 AM

Good grief. You can nearly hear the banjo music behind that one.

Longmont, the majority of you are better than this. It's time to stand up and denounce these violent sociopaths for what they are - murderous idiots with guns and a drooling need to kill something - anything. This is the mentality behind the Teabagger movement and the Secessionists - madmen willing, no - eager- for a civil war just so they can 'settle the score' in their favorite way: with a gun.

Think this is about prairie dogs? Read all the comments at the TC and you'll see how short the hop is to exterminating their political opponents. These are dangerous, murderous people - make no mistake.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Disrespect for the electorate

Well golly gee. The mayor finally sees the light - not too hard when the entire city stands up and shines it in your stupid face.

The PUBLIC is who you SERVE. The people that take their time to come and speak are the ones who are the most concerned. (JCH needs to read up on some civics, she's clueless)

Being an asshat to them is a sure-fire way to find yourself on the hotseat - as the Mad Baumer has no doubt discovered.

Oh, and speaking of the hotseat - how long did you think you'd keep this dirty little secret under wraps?

All the lying and smearing in the world from your trained attack chiuhuahua won't make this go away.

Not an auspicious start for this 14%-approved crowd of wingnuts.

I think Geroge S had a great comment:

Hopefully, the cable TV broadcast of council meetings will show not only the speaker but also which council members are listening and taking notes, and which are nodding off, texting or otherwise ignoring the point the member of the public is making.

George S. Longmont, 2/17/2010 10:42 AM
Which is one of the reasons I bring my own camera - to capture the disrespect for the citizens our Mayor and his merry band of wingnuts are showing the public.

All will be watching. Closely.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Who are the "Progressives"?

by Mary Pitt

When we read reports of polls, we find that the "Independents" in the United States outnumber the declarents for either of the established political parties. In discussing this, the pundits assume that this indicates that most voters are in the "middle of the road" between the Democrats and the Republicans. This is not the case. The number includes members of small established groups that have been with us for years and their views are all over the map. There are the Libertarians who are far to the right, the Green Party with their ecological aganda, and now, the Tea Party whose views are more anti-government.

Buried and out of sight are the Progressives who have no party affiliations at present but who know what they want and need. There is an Progressive wing of the Democratic Party but they are not necessarily representative of those who advocate for progress but are not yet convinced that the party, as it exists today, are truly committed to the substance of their own needs and will not deal them away in the interests of "bipartisanship." President Obama was swept into office on a wave of support from these very people who are now waiting to see whether he can or will accomplish the promises he made to them in return.

But, who are these Progressives, these nameless, faceless people who claim to represent a majority of the populace of the United States? I am one and I will undertake the task of telling you exactly who we are.

We are the vermin of your life, We are white, black, Hispanic, Asian, and every shade of every color in the palette. Very few of us are rich or even "middle-class". We live everywhere yet we are largely unseen. We are in the long lines at the unemployment offices and at the gates to those plants that are still operating; we serve your meals, we clean up your messes, take out your garbage, and clean your toilets. We are on your streets, yet you do not see us because there is nothing about us to which to draw your attention. We neither damage your ears with loud jam-boxes nor are we using expensive cell phones into which we speak loudly so you will notice us. We are simply there.

We work in your yards and in your homes, we nurture and nourish your children so that they do not suffer your absence unduly. We are as diligent with "Yes, Ma'am", and "No, Sir," as those who worked in utter bondage in centuries past. We prepare the hotel rooms in which you work or vacation, making sure you have all the comforts and cleanliness that you expect. We clean your offices after you have gone home or to your recreational pursuits. We live in your slums and your low-income housing prjects, We live along the highways and the byways as you pass in your big gas-hog cars or fly over in your silbery airplanes. We grow and cook your food and clean your clothes; there is not an aspect of your life in which we are not an integral part, yet you do not see us.

We can easily be seen when we turn out to support President Obama when he appears in our area but we cannot afford to travel to attend Tea Parties and other big demonstrations. But we can be seen in huge numbers at the Free Health Clinics as they are held in larger cities offering life-saving health care for those who have been deprived of it, sometimes for years! These affairs are not covered by news agencies except, recently by MSNBC. Hundreds of medical professionals throughout an area will gather in arenas or in huge tents to dispense needed physical care to those of us who have no insurance but are deemed to be "too rich" for Medicaid or any other Federal program to be diagnosed and steered to free clinics for every complaint from new eye glasses or dental caries to life-threatening cancers.

For this reason, our principal political goal is for truly universal health care. Learning that President Obama approached this problem first by consulting Big Pharma and the heads of the insurance companies was a kick in the gut! President Clinton tried that and we still suffer from his failure President G. W. Bush told us that we had no problem; that all we had to do was to go to the nearest Emergency Room. We've been there and done that! We have thereafter received the over-inflated bills and many have had our assets attached and been hounded into bankruptcy if we could not pay. We will not be doing that again!

We are the "make or break" faction who will determine whether the Democrats are allowed to continue their majority status past the next election. We will do as we have always done. We will accept the fact that, once again, we have been lied to by a politician, crawl back into the woodwork and disappear until the great day, by and by, that some other political figure might arise and convince us that they will do something about our problems.

You see, we are the sixty per cent of the population who don't bother to turn out on election day. We are aware of our invisibilty and unconvinced that you and the others like you are so consumed by your own lives, your good jobs, ypur beautiful children, and your secure lives that you have no reason to care about us. We will go on doing what we do, trying to scratch out a living from our poor endeavors living as long as whatever god we believe in decrees for us, allowing you to demean us at every opportunity as the "lower class" and a "drag on society" while giving you our offspring for cannon fodder in your wars of aquisition.

Think of us as the peasants of Middle Ages France who bore the burdens of serving the "upper classes" until they could no longer bear it. For we know that we are the base for everything you treasure. We are the ones who provide your creature comforts. Without us you would have to live in an unbearable world of chaos and your own trash. When you pray, pray for us. Pray that we will continue in our firm belief in the Brotherhood of Man and that we wil continue to support you. That is because we know, though you obviously do not, that you are just like us!

This writer is eighty years old and has spent a half century working with handicapped and deprived people and advocating on their behalf while caring for her own workung-class family. She spends her "Sunset Years" in writing and struggling with The System.