Thursday, September 2, 2010

From rubber bands to AA batteries...

Spotted this on the Photoblog:

Click here for photo

This photo provided by EADS shows an unidentified pilot aboard The Cri-Cri, the first four-engine all-electric plane during its maiden flight, Thursday Sept.2, 2010 in Le Bourget, north of Paris. The Cri-Cri is the latest effort to develop a battery-powered aircraft with performance comparable to light, piston-engine airplanes. The Cri-Cri's lithium batteries give it 30 minutes of autonomous flight at 66 mph (110 kph).

Plug-in plane

I figured that battery weight would make electric planes unworkable - looks like I had it wrong. More about this plane here and possible uses for electric planes here.

Gee. An airplane you can plug in. Guess that's an improvement over the rubber band.

A whole 30 minutes of fly time! Golly. At a whole 66 mph.


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