Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dung right

Came across this recently:


From WikiName

Its source is a Chinese expression meaning Correct. Also means brave, heroic in Vietnamese.

So for once the ever-flailing, often-failing far-far-right lunatic fringe got one right when they hung that moniker on me.

Fighting the dangerous sociopaths that haunt Longmont and cyberstalk its citizens is the 'correct' thing to do. Considering the hateful people involved in the endless smears on me, it does take  a certain amount of bravery - far more than the asshole running who continues to hide behind a mask. Maybe if he'd grow a pair and grow up a little people might accord him a little credibility. Till then he's just another sad avatar of a raging narcissist in desperate need of medication.


R. Anthony Lee said...

Dung - Middle English & Old English, probably identical with , a prison, originally a cellar covered with dung for warmth, as in Old High German , a cellar where women weave.

Count on me to know everything scholarly about shit. Doesn't the idea of being kept warm by shit appeal to you?

Doogman said...

Well, since the folks hackin on me pretty much ARE shit, I suppose it's only fair they keep me warm.