Wednesday, July 7, 2010

With all due respect to Mr. Larison

"Candidates won because more voters trusted their message and outlook for Longmont."


Candidates won because a huge smear campaign was run, funded by a ton of out of state money, aided and abetted by vicious right-wing liars and thugs.

Only fools or paid henchemen would trust Baum and his crowd. The man's a punk and it shows:

And this bit proves that it's ALL ABOUT THE MONEY:

This translates to: "Government is for the wealthy, peons need not apply"

The fact that the Times-Call keeps running screeds underlines their bias.

And always with the sports analogies.

It's not a football game you monobrowed clown, it's MY HOME - and I intend to fight for it before I let thugs like you and your ilk destroy it.

Anti-God mentality? Jesus, the holier than thou shit is really old - and another lie.

God have mercy on you and yours, you'll need it.
LOL! I see from the semi-coherent screechings that I hit a nerve.

It's good to see that our dear friends on the outer fringes of reality are reading.

*waves and smile brightly*

Say hi to the missus!

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