Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Response to Longmonter on TC Blog

Jun 8, 2010 ... Did you type in Wrongmont.Com or LongmontAdvocate. ... The basic concept started in 2002 with Wrongmont, and morphed into Longmont Advocate ...
2002 is when the hate began, long before any Progressive was blogging.

If there's anyone that should 'pack up and leave town' it's the people running the sites above. Those people have done more to foment hatred, destroy civility and damage our local government than anyone else. They're aided an abetted by the absolute dregs of humanity, the wealthy oligarchy of Longmont - who actively support their endless hate and smear campaigns.

Councilmembers Witt, Santos and Baum should be ashamed to be associated with these people - but they aren't - the politics of personal destruction got them where they are.

Who knows how much dirty money is involved.

No, the hate clearly started with these folks and remains there to this day.

The Progressives simply got tired of being bashed in the complicit Times Call and in numerous faked-up 'forums'. The fact that we've kept up the fight is making these people insane - bullies don't like it when you fight back.

Get used to it punks. Ain't changin.

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