Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Can't wait to see how this plays out...

...especially since the next City Council election promises to be the dirtiest one in history, what with unlimited money and a right wing willing to sacrifice anything to win - even their dignity, decency and humanity.

However, citizens are watching closely now and whistleblowers could not only turn things upside down, but raise the ante to unprecendented levels, especially when the people behind the dirty tricks are revealed - again.

Fort Collins wingnuts tried and failed epicly to attack a Progressive and now are facing possible legal charges and jail time - I wonder if Longmont's wingnut brigade could stand a stay in the slam?

Somehow I doubt it, they're delicate flowers and might wilt if the heat got up too high.

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Kaye Fissinger said...

Leave it to the teabaggers to invent their own reality and create a different set of rules that applies only to them.