Thursday, June 10, 2010

Suthers part of the Party of NO

From the Camera:

Leon Rodriguez: John Suthers is part of the party of “no”

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Yes, Attorney General John Suthers is a republican.  Yes his attempts to stop Health Care reform in Colorado is political and just another republican political act of “NO”  fostered by the republican party of “NO”.   Yes we are required to buy insurance for the cars we drive. Yes we are required to buy insurance for the home we own.  Why shouldn’t we be required to purchase insurance for the most precious part of our existence, our own health and of those we love?  Again the republican herd attitude of “NO” is fighting against the grain of intelligent Americans.
The republicans are on the wrong side of history again:

NO on Social Security.
NO on Workman’s Compensation.
NO on Civil Rights.
NO on Medicare & Medicaid.
NO on Banking Regulations.
NO on Health Care for Americans.

Health care for all Americans is not socialism, Heath Care for all Americans is a civilized right.

Leon Rodriguez

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