Thursday, June 17, 2010

Busted Teabag

I can always count on the Times-Call to roll out the red carpet for the loons...

The comments on this opinion 'piece' are hilarious - in particular:

Way too many of "We The People" vote to extend our own gravy train from the largess of the Federal Government. This is the simple tyranny of the "majority" of voters in populous cities and states (e.g., SEIU and other union members) voting for US Senators who favor forced redistribution of wealth. This is also known as "democracy." That is the SAME reason that we must cherish and preserve the use of the electoral college to choose the US President. If not for that, sparsely populated states would never be able to have a chance of representation in the Executive branch of government.
 NOTE TO ALL POLITICIANS AND MEDIA: The Constitution of the United States establishes a REPUBLIC of sovereign States, NOT a Democracy. The word "democracy" appears nowhere in either the Declaration or the Constitution.

NextVoiceUHear, Longmont, CO, 6/17/2010 11:26 AM
For the record, has received comments in the past from Daniel Martin, using the exact same pseudonym and listing his email address. (The comment was an attack on one of FRL's writers and was not published per the comment rules.)

Mr. Martin is a candidate for Boulder County Clerk and Recorder. (TC Story)

Seriously, would you let someone with views this extreme anywhere near our government? Let alone the department that controls so many basic functions? Imagine the chaos this wild-eyed hardcore partisan could wreak given access to these systems. At the absolute least he'd drive the staff out of their minds with intolerant and ill-informed rhetoric.

Did I mention the Clerk and Recorder manage our elections?

My advice is to vote to retain Hillary Hall.

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Kaye Fissinger said...

From: Longmont’s “Hatriot” Party: A ballot heads-up

"Dan Martin, who wants to be Boulder County’s Clerk and Recorder, has invented a conspiracy theory (or perhaps has signed on to one created by Republican operatives). While working at the Recorder’s office during the vote-counting for the 2008 election, he claims that he “saw a cadre of Democrat election workers who were there to establish every questionable vote and were trying to swing the vote their way.” And he promised that he would “fight against the illegal acts of fringe fascist groups, like ACORN.” Now that boogeyman is sure to get a rise out of every redneck-blooded conservative."