Saturday, May 8, 2010

Janey's Fetish Thing

Jane Norton. Unbelieveable. I mean... really??


Republican Senate candidate Jane Norton revealed her latest health care prescription for Coloradans at a campaign stop in Cheyenne Wells Tuesday, touting the elimination of cancer screening coverage enacted during her tenure as Lieutenant Governor in the Owens-Norton administration. During the campaign event, Norton giddily boasted that as Lieutenant Governor she eliminated requirements for insurance companies to cover cancer screenings, such as cervical and prostate screenings, in health insurance plans. Norton then went on to compare cancer screenings to "shoe fetishes" and "caffeine addictions." Please see the below bullets and the attached audio for Jane Norton's latest prescription for fixing Colorado's health care system.
The audio is here.

Beyond belief.

My wife died of lymphoma - if she'd gotten the screening I'd been trying to beat out of the insurance company she'd be alive today.

*expletives deleted*

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