Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Back and Forth

Saw a response by Melissa Engelhard to Kaye Fissinger's article 'Hatriots' over at Voice of Longmont.

Long response and largely focuses on not using inflammatory language - sounds like a great idea. Sure wish other bloggers in Longmont could listen to her - maybe if they'd stop screeching...

Frankly, I think Kaye's earned the right to speak her mind any way she likes*. The hatred and vitriol heaped on her at every turn by GOP sympathizers using pseudonyms is shameful and cowardly.

I don't want to pick the entire response apart but a lot of it seems to be 'we're not like that' - I'd agree. Melissa doesn't seem to be like the people Kaye's talking about. However, there are those in Longmont that have made their undying hatred of anything 'liberal' or 'progressive' quite abundantly clear (sometimes via screaming threat-calls or ominous legalese-filled emails). No, I'm sorry but I won't offer up any apologies for Kaye's tone - the people she's writing about have earned it.

Speaking of 'earned' - Guess who's the biggest benefactor from Longmont's far right? Mr. Tom Tancredo** - by a mile... suddenly his appearance at this meeting comes as less of a surprise. That kind of grease makes the wheel turn on command I'm sure.

* as have I - harrassed out of my own Rep's town hall? There's some classy GOP behavior. All because I wanted to videotape Musgrave's remarks. What is UP with these people and recordings? Michael Jackson was less touchy. Public means PUBLIC folks.

**It's fascinating reading really.

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