Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Advocates for Stalking

This is why I keep an eye on the Times-Call blog comments:

Mr Singer, speaking of being respectful...perhaps you best talk to your own Longmont Area Democrat member Doug Wray and ask him why he took photos of a... member of the community who was shaking hands with the Longmont mayor and then (lie deleted) (more lies and conjecture without proof) FYI: When you have active members of the Longmont Area Dems attempting to bait... members of the community like this and then going out and preaching about "inclusiveness"...it tends to fall on deaf ears.
RedHair, longmont, co, 4/6/2010 2:22 PM

Gee, there's just nothing like having your own team of stalkers. Why don't you two1 get a life? Really. You're embarrassing yourselves - but I'm sure that's nothing new to you.

I just love how these whackjobs make this nonsense up and then libel me with the help of the moderated-after-the-fact Longmont Times-Call. At least the TC takes this bullshit down when called on it2.

The Longmont Times-Call claims they can't pre-moderate because it's 'too difficult' - funny... FreeRangeLongmont has no trouble doing it... Longmont's 'First Lady'3 has found this out the hard way4 - several times.

FYI: when you have hard-core partisan hacks whispering in the mayor's ear (and his wife) and piles of old money without Hawaiian vacations or boar hunts to go on it's pretty much a nonstop bombardment of lies, innuendo and slander.

Gee... just like Tom Delay5 would do!
1.  2.5 if you're measuring by volume, 0.75 if by IQ
2.  Assuming you catch them at it - just like the GOP
3.  Who's really no lady at all and has lied about 'not blogging' anymore...
4.  She's very clearly a slow learner
5.  Gabe Santos' old boss, a crimminal and thug

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