Tuesday, March 23, 2010

HeavenFest YES YES YES Rhythm on the River NO NO NO

I have to say the comments on the TC story Recession hurting Rhythm: Fest organizers to ask city for money are really quite confusing.

Almost unanimously the wingnuts are screaming NO!!! NO!!! NO GIVEAWAYS!!! - which I find confusing since they seemed so enamored of giveaways - especially in the case of HeavenFest and the ankle-grabbing way they insisted their new Immoral Majority hand over the keys to the city.

So, a festival that's been part of Longmont for decades gets a high hard one while a johnny-come-lately religious loon-fest gets to cause thousands and thousands of dollars of damage while taxpayers foot the bill (and get stiffed on any gate proceeds)(well, at least that money will go to help orphans... hmm... not so much).

I just don't understand.

Oh, wait, it's to ultimately help the cause of theocracy in Boulder County (the CO GOP's 'unicorn') and to take back Colorado from those evil, evil Progressives. All that gate-take will be funneled back to the CO GOP (through carefully-obscured channels) to help their candidates run nonstop full-throttle door-to-door smear campaigns, ensuring that business once again OWNS and RUNS Colorado.

So basically the symbol for Longmont will be a big cross with a ring of dollar signs around it?

Jesus save us.

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