Tuesday, March 23, 2010

GOP shows true colors: whiny infants

From the Colorado Independent:

Republicans angered over the passage of health care legislation Sunday have blocked a hearing scheduled by U.S. Sen. Mark Udall for this afternoon on how to protect Colorado cities and towns from the hazards of the beetle infestation that has ravaged millions of acres of lodge pole pine tress here.

Okay, so they've gone from the 'Party of No' to 'Obstructionists' - not really that big a change...

So, from a representation point of view, do CO Republicans accept that their party is simply going to do nothing the rest of the year? This is what passes as 'bipartisan' work? That's just repulsive and childish.

I'm been sick to death of hearing a hard-core partisan mayor (and his shrill, angry wife) cawing about how Longmont needs to 'come together' when in fact they've done everything imaginable to tear the town apart. And then I read that Congressional Republicans are going to be pissy crybabies the rest of the year and do everything to hamper the operation of Congress.

The GOP is proving that they're not about doing their jobs or being honest - just like all the crooked creeps trying to rip off the taxpayers with sleazy half-baked public-funded (aka tax-exempt) developments.

It's time to vote them ALL out. ALL OF THEM.

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