Saturday, February 27, 2010

Whitewash Squad Hard at Work

Our new mayor clearly has the Times-Call covering his ass (which is a full-time job) - just saw yet another lubricious tongue-washing in the local fishwrap.

"Insight into a visionary leader" - please. If the Times-Call gets any more purple in their prose, they'll need kneepads.

"...courageous visions for the city" ? OH? Like fighting a plan that would help citizens add solar to their homes? (Video from council) Being insulting and rude to citizens speaking at Public Invited to Be Heard? Oh yes, that's courageous as hell.

Expanding Vance Brand airport? Are you nuts? The noise is bad enough now - but adding jets to the traffic over Longmont? Good grief. Wait till one of those ends up on Main Street (and I'm not talking about a parade either).

Longmont needs someone that cares and is excited? Well, you need look no further than the folks that stopped the Lifebridge Union Annex - we got over 6000 people to care and be excited.

There is one part of this puff-piece that I liked: the mayor supports skydiving.

I'd like to encourage him to go frequently.

Daily even.


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