Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Face of Hate

Longmont has a very definite 'crazy' side - the kind of people that shoot things simply because they love to watch them die. This group of sociopaths has been howling for blood ever since the prairie dogs began 'infringing'  on their favorite play areas - though in truth the prarie dogs have been there all along and it's the humans doing the 'infringing'.

What I find most repulsive about this crowd of mask-wearing cowards is the way they constantly vilify Ruby Bowman and the point-blank crazy threats and fantasies they blurt out on the unmoderated Times-Call comments:

I'm taking bets that they'll find Prairie Dog Lady caught in one of those traps too.
NoBoulderNo Longmont, CO, 2/18/2010 6:57 AM

Actually, I'd be more concerned about one of your stray pets getting caught in one. Maybe when you're 'hunting' and your dog steps in a rusty old bear trap you'll think differently about this. Doubt it though, the violent sociopaths always seem to have a quick rationalization ready - and a sacrificial lamb (they're big on anything that involves killing or bloodshed). Besides, pets are just another consumable to them, made with unskilled labor (like those people that harvest our food).

The only good prarie dog is a dead prarie dog!!
Weld Resident, Longmont Co, 2/18/2010 8:41 AM

Well, that's touching. The same kind mentality nearly exterminated our wolf population. Oh wait, this is the same crowd that cheers a woman that hunts wolves from a helicopter - the most craven technological cowardice conceivable.

I wonder if Animal and Pest Control Specialist Inc. is going to post a guard by their traps to prevent the "priarie dog lady" from coming by every night and tripping the traps or freeing any animals caught already. If she's caught, I wonder what they can charge her with.
Elwood, Longmont, CO, 2/18/2010 10:08 AM
I have no doubt the local NRA members will have the entire area staked out and will shoot to kill anyone that comes anywhere near their twisted little playground. I wonder if there will be any charges after they injure a citizen. My bet is no since they've got friends in high places.

This sounds like a great idea to feed the lettle devils to the birds Now would someone tell me if the prairie dogs do in fact carrie a desease that is harmful to humans and if so then whats the big deal about iradicating them and where are the save the mosquito wakos after all dont they feed BATS and Ill bet if you ask the protesters they are for for pro choice go figure And a 22 round would be a lot cheaper maybe the SWAT team could go practice their shooting
conservelongmont, Longmont,colorado, 2/18/2010 10:16 AM

Good grief. You can nearly hear the banjo music behind that one.

Longmont, the majority of you are better than this. It's time to stand up and denounce these violent sociopaths for what they are - murderous idiots with guns and a drooling need to kill something - anything. This is the mentality behind the Teabagger movement and the Secessionists - madmen willing, no - eager- for a civil war just so they can 'settle the score' in their favorite way: with a gun.

Think this is about prairie dogs? Read all the comments at the TC and you'll see how short the hop is to exterminating their political opponents. These are dangerous, murderous people - make no mistake.


Kaye Fissinger said...

Doug, the people who post the trash and violence on the Times-Call lack the moral fiber and character to even recognize the shame and disgust they bring to themselves. The degradation they bring to their community, state and nation they will, in due course, be forced to own.

Doogman said...

And howling about being victims the whole time. Reminds me of the Byzantine. Karma always finds its owner and I look forward to their reunion.