Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Brief political inquiry

Could someone please tell me why the Republicans are enjoying such a huge resurgence of popularity among the masses when they’re the ones keeping the Administration from doing anything constructive, automatically and mindlessly saying “No no no no no” to anything Congress or O-bomb-a tries to do? The “Tea Party” phenomenon has been shown, by numerous commentators, to be basically a crock of stupid shit embraced by political imbeciles and moral cretins, who are led around like mindless puppets by raving psychopaths whose rhetorical techniques seem to include crying like a baby, lying like Pinocchio, and fomenting as much fear and hatred as possible. And yet the “Tea-baggers” seem to be growing in strength, which presumably argues for an increasing number of political imbeciles and moral cretins deciding the movement expresses their feelings (I hesitate to credit them with thoughts or ideas). Granted, they have a lot of ammunition in the catastrophic debacle which this Administration has turned out to be, but they themselves are part of the reason for this, another part being the total spinelessness and treachery of the Dummy-crats.

Well, I said this would be brief, and I’ll keep my promise, uncharacteristic as it is for me to be brief. Just thought I’d throw that out and see if anybody would shoot it.

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ToLo said...

Why? Because people are essentially selfish, lazy and stupid. But they recognize their own.