Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bad Language

Just got home from a protest at a fundraiser for Scott Gessler*.

Gee, neither Mr. Wrongmont or the Longmont Examiner seemed happy to see me. Used bad language to me! Sorry, no video on that, next time!

Others noted at the scene of the crime: Dale Bruns of LifeBridge 4C fame, Julia Pirnack of past GOP-controlled council and Marvin Dyer, property owner at the heart of the LifeBridge land deal gone wrong. The stench of old money and bad blood was strong in the air.

Stay tuned for a full report later tonite.

* You remember Scott Gessler, right? He's the guy behind the Western Tradition Partnership from Montana that helped screw our city council election and saddle us with Bryan "Blows Up Real Good" Baum.

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