Thursday, January 28, 2010

Morans at work

I just love the wingers in Longmont.

In the comments on a poll I remarked:
I prefer the 'full strength' First Amendment, not the 'limited' version thank you very much.
M. Douglas Wray, Longmont, CO
and *minutes* later this commenter belched:

That's interesting M.DouglasWray in that the top two featured headlines on your Free Range website admonish "Rude commenters will be banned" and "Silencing your critics." Full strength First Amendment, eh Wray?
All-American, Longmont, CO

First, anonymous... a snivelling coward. Is the mostly-incoherent Richard Yale the only one of you with a pair? (however wrinkled and shriveled, at least he's got em)

Second, the only comments I've had to block were from a realtor (shocking!) and a far-far-far-right wingnut apparatchik attacking Kaye Fissinger. Neither comment had -any- substance and were frankly attacks. How long would you tolerate someone coming into -your- home and screeching at you? I've posted the mayor's wife's ludicrous screeds and that was being charitable, more than either of the so-called 'citizen journalists' have ever done for me. Piss off ya loony.

And if this person would (could?) read, they'd see that 'Silencing your critics' is about the event that prompted this poll.

Morans. (sic)

What I find incredibly curious is how the mayor says he has no intention of surpressing free speech, but then the next damn day the Times-Call runs this poll... Guys, get your act together. Your collusion is so obvious it's laughable.

As are your attack dogs. (quick tip, chiuhuahuas aren't really very fearsome)

I tagged this as a personal attack and off-topic but it's still up there.

So much for the Times-Call's 'moderation'.

Maybe what's pissing the Lunatic Fringe off so badly is that we suppress hate speech - which is definitely NOT free.

You can howl all you want, Free Range Longmont is going to be around a LONG TIME and we'll make sure the public knows what's going on, regardless of how much the deep-pocket interests in Longmont try to sweep it under the rug.

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