Friday, January 8, 2010

Libel is not free speech

Watch out TC, your loon patrol is straying...

From the Longmont Ledger:
Gardener says:

January 7, 2010 at 9:30 pm
Mr Wray, first, as a self-described computer geek, do you really think that blocking IP addresses will work? After all, what about variable (dynamic) IP addresses? And second, do you really want to censor opinions that you disagree with? Don’t you respect and support the US Constitution? Don’t you , in every blog you type, embrace the idea of free exchange of ideas and expressions of personal thought as protected by our Bill of Rights regardless of whom or how badly it offends? If you can censor them then shouldn’t people who disagree or are offended with you be able to censor you? Frankly, the reason I and most others will not reveal identity when opining is because your sanctimonious proclamation that you are completely inclined and experienced in frivolously perusing the civil justice system in order to intimidate and threaten those who disagree with you or offend your fragile sensibilities.
I like to read your blogs because your thought processes are so unique and different than mine. I enjoy conversation that provokes thought and consideration of new or differing opinions. However, your claim of oppression wears thin and reminds me of the little boy who cried wolf. It ain’t working for ya.
(my response)

Gardener (whomever you are). Yes, I do believe that blocking IP addresses would work. Most of the local commenters are not using dynamic IPs. Nice try. The current method of stopping accounts >clearly< doesn't work. At no point did I express an interest in censoring anyone – that is a canard. What I endorse is stopping libellous remarks, which abound at the Times-Call due to their policy of 'publish first, moderate by complaint' which serves to enable anonymous libellers – perhaps by design? I don't mind people disagreeing with me, that's all well and good. But continually accusing me of committing crimes is libel – which I would prosecute if I knew who was accusing me. I know it bothers the far right wing in Longmont that they can't silence me, so it seems they're using a time-honored GOP practice of personal destruction – proving that they're more about division in our community than unity.

I'm delighted you enjoy reading my blogs.

By the way, your writing style seems (to me) similiar to Richard Yale.


I'm sure any time someone on the left points out the crimminal behavior of the far right Lunatic Fringe in Longmont it will be characterized as 'crying wolf'. Trouble is, in this case it really is a wolf - you can see the evidence of it on the City Council. Three new far-right members elected by one-fourth of the voters and a cadre of hard-core anything-to-win partisans patrolling the newspapers and blogs punishing anyone speaking out against them.

More like crazed hyenas.

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