Friday, January 8, 2010

Just Rewrite History

Now the GOP is trying to push the meme that 'there were no terror attacks under Bush'.

This is called LYING.

Just like Gabe Santos claims his email saying 'let the attacks begin' didn't mean 'attack my opponents' (which it obviously did) and Stephanie Baum admitting (then trying to recant) about knowing who's behind LongmontReport and Chris Rodriguez claiming he 'mistakenly' listed 'LongmontReport' as his Skype address.

 The only reason people get away with bold-faced lies like these is because:
  • Their supporters let them
  • No one calls them on it
  • Apathy
So you can count on always being able to find these items of proof right here because while you can choose your opinions, you can't choose your facts.

28% of Longmont voted in the last council election, meaning 72% - just shy of three quarters - didn't - which means three quarters of Longmont likely don't know about these facts.

But I guarantee they will, sooner or later - regardless of how often the Times-Call helps them minimize and attempt to deflect the truth.

There's a drumbeat about recalling the remaining Progressives on Council - I wonder how many of that 72% would vote for recall of Santos and Baum if they knew the truth?

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