Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Explaining the Irony of the Muskrat

This is why I still despise Marilyn 'The Ousted Muskrat' Musgrave - her membership in the Susan B. Anthony list (which I'm certain it's namesake would spit on and then kick the crap out of the whiny bitches running it) is classic irony:

National connections and events further illuminate suffrage developments in Colorado. In both 1877 and 1893, Colorado suffragists received funds, advice, and personnel from national and other state organizations. Susan B. Anthony, Lucy Stone, and Henry Blackwell stumped for woman suffrage during the 1877 referendum campaign, while Carrie Chapman (later Catt) did the same in 1893.

Given her druthers, I'll bet Muskrat et al would roll back women's rights to the stone age.

"Susan B. Anthony" list my ass. Hypocrites.

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