Friday, January 1, 2010

Times-Call 'launches' new multimedia page - appears to have blown up on the pad

Yep them there Times-Call newspaper folks sure do have a fine website thingummy-whatsit!

As their feed appears in an RSS aggregator:

well, they's sure a-tryin to get it up there...

Yep, this is the newspaper I want my tax money supporting with our local government announcements. *cough*

Update (1/5/2010 5:09pm Hi BOB!!!!)

Oh boy! Lookee Lookee!!! It's a-wurkin!!

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Holy Hell

This kind of stuff just turns the stomach.

This is what happens when society looks the other way too long.

Churches have NEVER been good at governing themselves... they're run by men who believe themselves above and outside the law.

I can only imagine what's going on behind the scenes in America's megachurches.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Crackin me the hell up

While doing my daily patrol of the Times-Call comment streams (aka 'Libellers 'r Us') I spotted this comment from Dec. 23rd by 'George S.'

My prediction: Within six months of the new Wal-Mart opening, several businesses will close including its Hover store, the south Safeway, Big Lots and either Ross or Marshall's. Several higher-end businesses that had considered moving to Longmont, including Sunflower Market, will cancel their plans ... for the same reason that a Nordstrom would never locate in a mall with a Dollar Store. With its high percentage of high-income, well-educated, tech-savvy residents, Longmont should be campaigning to bring in higher-end retail, whose customers are now being lost to Centerra, FlatIron Crossing and 29th Street. Those businesses and their customers would generate much more sales-tax revenue and lure similar businesses here. Instead, we're establishing an image as the Junkyard of the Front Range, whose theme song is the theme from "Deliverance," whose logo is a giant beer can, and whose motto is "Go back to your double-wide and fry something." Why don't we add a couple auto-salvage yards and another pawn shop and tattoo parlor or two to our eastern gateway and be done with our Dogpatch-ization? One of the keys to career ascendancy has always been to "dress for success," but Longmont seems intent in dressing in a tank top, baggy shorts and a mullet.
George S., Longmont, 12/23/2009 1:18 PM
 George, you are crackin me up. Please contact me.