Saturday, December 12, 2009

GOP = bigger national debt

Bottom line - the GOP is running the US into the ground with debt.

Vote them out and KEEP THEM OUT.

The new council members in Longmont are no different - they'll figure out a way to rape the taxpayers if we don't stop them.

Friday, December 11, 2009

CAP and (plea) trade

From the Times-Call (and oddly nowhere else...)

Former CAP officer takes plea deal

LONGMONT — A former Civil Air Patrol cadet officer accused of using his position to elicit sex from subordinates in the program has accepted a plea deal with prosecutors.

Mitchell Bain, 21, faces between two and 12 years in prison and is due for sentencing on Feb. 12. On Thursday, he pleaded guilty to sexual exploitation of children, and prosecutors dismissed two counts of sexual assault on a child by one in a position of trust.

He was arrested in March on suspicion of using his position as a lieutenant with the Civil Air Patrol to influence a 14-year-old girl and a 15-year-old girl into having sexual relationships with him at his Longmont apartment.
Wow. 14 and 15 year olds? That's excruciatingly sleazy. Have to wonder how many times he got away with it before getting caught. You'd think something as prestigious at the Civil Air Patrol would attract a better class of thug. Guess not.

I wonder if it's the fumes from the aviation fuel... or oxygen deprivation from flying too high (more meanings there) or maybe he was just playing with his 'joystick' too much.

Two years in prison? Yipe!

He'll never be able to watch an in-flight fueling video calmly again.

Cowardly Council

DaVinci Quest came to our glorious new Council (complete with an investment-advisor mayor who helps people decide what risks to take) with a great green idea - the Smarter, Safer, Greener House Contest.

And they chickened out... so much for all that vaunted skill. *yawn*

One of the usual suspects had this to say in the TC's vitriol-soaked comments:
I think this is the best possible outcome. DiVinci will still run their contest and the people who want to risk being involved can - and maybe it'll be a great success and maybe it will fail, but either way the city can only benefit as if it fails, the city won't have any responsibilty and if it is a huge success then the city will reap the rewards via taxes and fees for the building and materials, not to mention any positive press should this be a big hit. Win-win.
Yep, take the credit but don't do shit to help - that's the story of the GOP. Talk about 'leaning vs lifting'.
Councilwoman Katie Witt said she thinks the contest is a great idea and would be happy to lend her individual support to it, but she isn’t comfortable opening the door to the council endorsing for-profit entities.
Oh? 4C much? Or is that profit okay because it puts money in the (far) right pockets?
“If you want to pursue this, I think that’s a wonderful pursuit, but asking us to put a rubber stamp on it is inappropriate,” Mayor Bryan Baum told Dakin.
Absolutely Bryan. You'll want to save your teeny little rubber stamp for your wingnut pals.
But Councilman Sean McCoy said a large part of the contest is to drive economic development, and endorsing it is similar to endorsing an organization like the Longmont Area Economic Council.

Yep, that's right. But the problem is - anytime the Greenies win one, the wingnuts would sooner gouge their eyes out with a grapefruit spoon rather than notice it.

After the recent purge of progressives from every single board and commission this action comes as no surprise. The new Council is doing exactly what you can expect a group of right-wing ideologues to do - purge, block, hamper and otherwise muck up the gears of our government. Oh, and turn their refined noses up at anything that the Grand Olde Obstructionists disagree with.

Mission Accomplished. I wonder if we can sue the Council members for damages when this project goes big and we're locked out of any juicy deals. I mean, screechers have been threatening to sue WIIFL for saving Longmont from the LifeBridge Union project (which is a non-starter and a guaranteed turkey to boot). Folks need to remember their words are going to haunt them the next two years. Might pay to keep certain elder Longmont statesmen away from the tantalus.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

"Never leaned left" = More Bullshit

From the Boulder Weekly:

According to the Boulder County Clerk’s office, Democrats now outnumber Republicans in Longmont, though the largest single block of voters are unaffiliated with either party.

So much for Longmont's 'conservative majority' - when only 28% of the voters VOTE and 51% of THEM are wingnuts it can look a bit one-sided.

So, as usual, when the facts don't line up the way they want, the wingnuts just make shit up.

I guess it comes from having their heads full of it.

This past election simply underlined the fact that when you've got rabid loons willing to outspend you by any amount needed, they can swing the independent voters.

The real problem is going to be keeping them.

She's no 'lady'

This is just lovely.

Did you think your blog wasn't being archived?

Sorry Ms. Baum, you don't get to attack and smear to win an election and then wind the tape back and pretend you didn't say things. Remember when you were gleefully busting Richard Juday using the Google Cache?

Turnabout is fair play Ms. Baum.

You've been a loud and angry voice in Longmont for years, howling right along with the wingnuts and their well-paid smear-artists. Anything to win after all. Your words won't just disappear because you want them to.

You chose to kill the albatross - now you get to wear it and mayor Baum will just have to deal with the stench - that's politics.

You got down on hands and knees and raked the muck mercilessly so don't expect to don your 'first lady' status and expect your past to just evaporate.

I believe that's called Accountability - something you've (supposedly) championed.

I'm glad to help.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Big Money, Republican Machine Buys Longmont Election

by Kaye Fissinger

Longmont has been under political attack from outside of Longmont and outside of Colorado. Aligned with these powerful and well-funded entities are individuals and groups within Longmont who have been furious since the November 2007 election produced a progressive-leaning majority. They are using outside money and their own deep pockets to "take back Longmont." And they have succeeded.
Western Tradition Partnership (WTP), headed by Bozeman, Montana Republicans (former US representative Ron Marlenee and state representative John Sinrud) is the lead plaintiff in the lawsuit against Longmont over electioneering provisions and independent expenditures in the Longmont Fair Campaign Practices Act.
WTP is rabidly anti-environmental and absolutist on property rights with the stated purpose to target local and state governments. It receives its backing primarily from the oil-gas-coal industries.
Longmont Leadership is a party to this lawsuit along with former Longmont mayors
Julia Pirnack and Bob Askey, both Republicans, the Longmont Area Realtors Association, and Republican blogger Chris Rodriguez. It was formed to unseat former mayor Roger Lange and Ward 2 councilmember Karen Benker, and did so with a contribution in excess of $11,000 from Western Tradition Partnership, almost the entirety of Longmont Leadership's funding.
Western Tradition Partnership is registered with the IRS as a nonprofit 501c4. According to Luis Toro, general counsel for Colorado Ethics Watch, these nonprofit groups have come to replace 527 organizations as the favored shell for political contributions. They became popular after 527s faced greater disclosure requirements at the state and national level.
Aspen Daily News reports that "527s...lack the spending caps that other political groups have, but they must now release contribution and expenditure information. 501c4s are allowed "greater anonymity but are required to pursue mostly nonpolitical activities, which they don't always do. Groups that get involved late in the process don't have to disclose much at all until December, long after the races are decided."
The Colorado registered agent for Western Tradition Partnership is their attorney

Scott Gessler, who is also the Republican candidate for Secretary of State in 2010. It is not at all coincidental that Gessler is likely to use WTP's lawsuit over Longmont's Fair Campaign Practices Act as a platform for further degradation of campaign financing regulations.
Scott Shires is also listed as a WTP registered agent. He is a Republican operative and front man for many 527s and he has a history of violating campaign reporting regulations. Shires has also been indicted on an alleged money laundering scheme to hide an illegal gambling operation.
Shires is behind the Colorado League of Taxpayers who attacked Longmont council candidate Richard Juday in a January 2008 mailer. A similar event occurred in Garfield County. Colorado Ethics Watch sued Shires for campaign violations in that case and he was fined in excess of $7,000, an amount apparently still unpaid.
Western Tradition Partnership also had an electioneering violation complaint filed against it with the State of Montana's Commissioner of Political Practices in October 2008.
Reporting for the Missoulian State Bureau on 5/4/08, Charles S. Johnson asked WTP who else was helping the organization and was told that Christian LeFer was helping with graphics and web design work. (LeFer is a public figure in both the Montana and Colorado Right-to-Work organizations.)
LeFer is also the web registrant for the "Greeley Report" with a striking similarity to the anonymous "Longmont Report" that appeared in January 2008 to defeat Juday in favor of current councilmember and former Rep. Tom DeLay staffer Gabe Santos. After the election it targeted Benker and councilmember Sean McCoy.
Stephanie Baum, "Take Back Longmont" blogger and wife of newly-elected mayor Bryan Baum, wrote to Doug Wray about the person responsible for Longmont Report, saying that she "knows who he is" because she "met with the owner of Longmont Report." Baum and Chris Rodriguez move in the same political circle. Rodriguez is well known for his blog vitriol and was described in the Boulder Weekly's report "The gloves come off," referring to the recent Longmont city council races.
Also mentioned in "The glove comes off" is Registration data for this website is deliberately anonymous. However, it has at least two things in common with Longmont Report. It is vicious in its politics of personal destruction and character assassination, and it has an implied threat of violence.
So who benefitted--politically and financially--from the Western Tradition Partnership lawsuit and other suits targeting the City of Longmont? Who benefitted from the bombardment of expensive mailers that appeared in mail boxes all over Longmont? Who benefitted from attack blogs, push-polls and robo-calls
against candidates? With the results of the November 3rd election now in, the answers are self-evident:
Bryan Baum, Gabe Santos, Katie Witt and Alex Sammoury.
Expect more of the same from these and similar entities in 2010, 2011, 2012 and beyond. It's worked repeatedly for Republicans, and there's no reason for the Republicans to abandon their strategies and tactics of trash politics for the upcoming election cycles.

Minimizing environmental impact

Well, now that it’s a foregone conclusion that the entire global ecosystem is going to crash and burn and destroy most life on the planet within about a decade, my liberal instincts are making me feel a little more guilty (groan, beat chest, heap ashes on head) about my environmental footprint. Having just taken an “ecological footprint quiz” at Redefining Progress (, I am vaguely comforted to learn that my footprint is roughly 63% of the national average, but considering that the national average is scandalous and a crime against humanity, that’s cold comfort. I eat most of my meals out, which is supposed to be a horrendous drain on resources (but supports local labor); I refuse to freeze my ass during winter or fry my ass during summer, which entails horrific energy expenditures. But I do walk reasonable distances to places most other people drive to, and I use a lot less water than most people because of personal hygiene standards which some would consider less than optimal. And a lot of my deficiencies are simply due to the fact that it requires more or less money to correct them by various sorts of technological fixes, and I can’t afford to. I mean, let’s face it, strict environmental conscientiousness is a luxury of the moderately well-off because it costs money. This is, of course, one of the major sticking points at all the international conferences on climate change where profligate wastrels in the developed world tell the poorer nations what they should do to reduce global warming and the poorer nations politely tell them to take a flying fuck at the moon. And if one becomes overly scrupulous and a little paranoid, one can start self-flagellating over such things as using a computer, which some sources say consumes vast amounts of both energy and resources; or eating tofu because of the horrible waste of resources involved in raising food animals, only to find that growing soy beans has its own environmental impact; or even farting too much because of the contribution of methane to global warming. It is, in fact, ultimately impossible to be totally pure environmentally. Living as simply as possible has its own unavoidable impact.

So, I have finally reached the only logical conclusion. You may remember (of course you do) a post on this blog back in 22 August 07 entitled “Save the planet: Kill yourself,” which was about a satirical (we hope) cult called the Church of Euthanasia which recommended just that. Its defining principle was population reduction, but the same logic applies to reduction of environmental impact. The only way to have zero impact is to kill yourself. Unfortunately, your one last impact will be the air pollution involved in cremation, but after that, you can congratulate yourself on having made the ultimate sacrifice to save the planet. Not that it will work, but at least you can feel smug and self-righteous about it up in Heaven while looking down and watching Earth continue to collapse in apocalyptic cataclysm, as well as feeling immensely relieved at having gotten out of it in time.