Friday, December 4, 2009

Messin with Sasquatch

There is simply no better sport than Lunatic Fringer baiting...

From yet another Times-Call burp-fest about Union Reservoir,"It's just a hole in the ground filled with water!! Environment shmenviroment! BAH HUMBUG!!! PAVE IT!

The comment stream had a few fun bits in it - this one from MikeRochip:

Wow. Some of you people seem to be really missing the elections and the campaigning. But we get it. Liberals=bad. Conservatives=good. Thanks for the repeated clarification.

MikeRochip, Longmont, CO , 12/4/2009 4:21 PM

prompted me to respond:

Mike, to the Lunatic Fringe there IS no end to the "campaigning" - they won't ever rest (bless their pointy lil heads). Once they've eliminated the libruls, they'll start on their own less-than-sufficiently faithful, then the people that don't stand up straight and so on down to the last two angry nutjobs. Of course, when -that- fight's over it WILL be a 'perfect world' so at least they have an exit strategy. :-D Happy friday everyone!

M. Douglas Wray, Longmont, CO, 12/4/2009 6:15 PM

since I'm certain the 'we won the election, now you *&#^$ libruls can STFU' folks will howl that it's 'abuse' - heck, I might even get banned. oooh.


Psychos on the warpath

Huckabee's far right-wing loony pals Americans United for Life Action (AUL Action) is robo-calling and trying to get as many people as possible to call Bennett's phone (thus overloading it).

These people sicken me.

America, we must fight these vicious theocrats. Our security is at stake.

If you get a phone call, answer 'yes' to all the questions (including about donating) and tie up their operators as long as you possibly can.