Saturday, November 14, 2009

Religious charlatan goes to jail for life

Hat tip to the Drudge Retort:

Retribution can be a terrible thing, especially when it's delayed for too long.

Tony Alamo, evangelist and sometime child molestor was finally sentenced to 175 years in prison.

"Mr. Alamo, one day you will face a higher and a greater judge than me, may he have mercy on your soul."
-U.S. District Judge Harry F. Barnes told the preacher.

Indeed. Well said Harry, well said.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

So THAT explains all those odd-smelling 'balloons' on the lawn...

And here I thought it was just kids messing around with Jergens lotion...  guess the recent election was a real 'climax' for many...

From Drudge Retort:

Repub Leader Shows a Lot of Spunk
Blake Hall, a leading figure in Idaho and national politics for 25 years, was fired Monday as a deputy prosecuting attorney in eastern Idaho and has resigned from the Republican National Committee. Hall, a former member of the state Board of Education, pleaded guilty Friday to stalking a former girlfriend and is serving a 15-day jail sentence. He also was sentenced to a year of supervised probation. A six-month jail sentence was suspended. Idaho Falls police reported that witnesses said Hall disposed of used condoms on the lawn of the woman's house.

Nineteen condoms were turned over to police, collected on 10 different dates, according to a police report.
Both Hall and his lawyer acknowledged the condoms belonged to him, according to a police report.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Troops to Teachers

Our Senator, Michael Bennet, has stepped up to the plate by co-sponsoring the “Troops to Teachers Enhancement Act.”  This legislation will expand this innovative program designed to encourage our veterans to become teachers.

With your signature, we can stand with Senator Bennet and show the Senate how much Coloradans value innovative ideas to improve our education system.

Please show your support for the Troops to Teachers Enhancement Act by signing our petition today at!

Trying to understand the new rules...

Since the new council has made it clear they want to go forward in a spirit of cooperation, I'll play along.
Here's my recent email to our newly-minted (and still shiny!) Mayor:

Dear Mr. Mayor,

After my last time at the podium I'm somewhat reticent to speak to Council, however, I feel compelled.

Since 'attacks on council members' aren't allowed, I'd appreciate a detailed list of exactly what constitutes an 'attack' so I can be sure to avoid same. Is irony forbidden? Satire subversive?

If there are specific subjects that CANNOT BE SPOKEN OF, could you or a staff member please let me know as soon as possible?

I appreciate your time and consideration sir.

ps, without your guidance I will soldier on and do my very best to show council the respect I believe it deserves.

M. Douglas Wray
"We must not confuse dissent with disloyalty.
When the loyal opposition dies, I think the soul of America dies with it."
- Edward R. Murrow

Monday, November 9, 2009

Sins of Omission

In yet another attack piece, Longmont's own incivility czar works hard to denigrate Kaye Fissinger (for at least the thousanth time) but somehow manages to omit the fact that our new mayor has a bit of a credibility gap - and it's not going away.

I begin to think the 'businessman' that Ms. Baum is protecting is none other than her husband... it would be so helpful if she'd simply come clean about this (y'know, that whole 'service before self thing') since the right has prevailed so well, what could it hurt?

Oh, but if it is Bryan... then that could be a bit sticky.

Just a tip - skeltons don't stay hidden forever and they tend to stink horrifically after a while.