Saturday, July 4, 2009

Too Many Secrets

It's good to be back.

Of course, the weeds have kept on growing while I was gone - and not just the ones in the yard.

The big money/developer/realtor/whackjob brigade has been pounding their drum pretty much non-stop.

I have to wonder where the money to pay that band of angry chimps comes from.

What's most amusing is the way their Jabba the Hutt-like leader shows up in the local paper spouting the exact same lies. Just for the record: Lifebridge Church has NOT 'existed for 100 years' - they TOOK OVER ANOTHER CHURCH that had a long history. That lie alone stinks up the whole city.

Well, I guess when you only have fear, hate and ignorance to work with you do what you can.

I hope the folks on our side realize what they're up against and remember the door-to-door hand-to-hand hate campaign from the last council election.

If you support the city council, get out and show it because the whackjobs are being paid (in my humble opinion) big coin this time around and many have a lot of free time on their hands.

Get involved folks, this time around is going to be tooth and claw, backed with heaps of money from LIFT.