Saturday, April 25, 2009

Why Corporate 'Personhood' Must End

From Slashdot:

Drug Company Merck Drew Up Doctor "Hit List"

Slashdot 4/25/09 12:19 PM kdawson business

Philip K Dickhead sends in a piece from the Australian media, a couple of weeks old, that hasn't seen much discussion here. In a class-action lawsuit in Australia against Merck for its Vioxx anti-arthritis drug, information has come out that the company developed a "hit list" of doctors who had expressed anything but enthusiasm for the drug. Vioxx was withdrawn from the market in 2004 because it causes heart attacks and strokes. Merck settled a class action in the US for $4.85 billion but did not admit guilt. "An international drug company made a hit list of doctors who had to be 'neutralized' or discredited because they criticized the anti-arthritis drug the pharmaceutical giant produced. Staff at US company Merck & Co. emailed each other about the list of doctors — mainly researchers and academics — who had been negative about the drug Vioxx or Merck and a recommended course of action. The email, which came out in the Federal Court in Melbourne yesterday as part of a class action against the drug company, included the words 'neutralize,' 'neutralized,' or 'discredit' against some of the doctors' names. It is also alleged the company used intimidation tactics against critical researchers, including dropping hints it would stop funding to institutions and claims it interfered with academic appointments. 'We may need to seek them out and destroy them where they live,' a Merck employee wrote, according to an email excerpt read to the court by Julian Burnside QC, acting for the plaintiff."

Read more of this story at Slashdot

The corporations are completely out of control - it's time to end the fiction of corporate personhood and start holding these crimminals accountable.

The Desperation Grows

Spotted at

The wingnuts are hard at it trying to duplicate the progressives' success - right down to the domain names...

Here's the progressive site:

and here's their descriptor: Blogs United is a group by and for local and regional progressive political bloggers.

Here's the new wingnuttia site: (not a live link because it's a shameless attempt to steal traffic)

Here's the wingers behind it:

Alton Foley
Age: 53 - Gender: Male - Astrological Sign: Cancer - Zodiac Year (and favorite date): Sheep - Industry: Manufacturing (lies) - Occupation: Engineer - Location: United States

About Me: Just a local busy-body in Martinsville and Henry County. Happily blowing the cover of any Henry County or Martinsville politician who is desperately seeking it.

J.R. Hoeft

Age: 34 - Gender: Male - Astrological Sign: Scorpio - Zodiac Year: Tiger - Location: Chesapeake : Virginia : United States

About Me: Conservative to the core; liberal with my opinion! I have been involved in Republican politics for nearly a decade and have worked on several campaigns in Hampton Roads. Most recently, I served on the Executive Committee of the Republican Party of Chesapeake. I also served on the Central Committee of the Republican Party of Virginia. I currently work in public relations.

Jim Bacon

Age: 56 - Gender: Male - Astrological Sign: Aquarius - Zodiac Year: Dragon - Industry: Publishing - Occupation: Electronic newsletter publisher - Location: Richmond : Virginia

About Me: I publish the Bacon's Rebellion blog and maintain the Boomer Project blog.

Kids... quick tip... if you're trying to distinguish yourselves as different... don't use the same domain name. The dash is code for 'I'm so lame I can't come up with a good name' and everyone knows it.

It's sad, it's lame, it's the GOP in 2009.

Much like watching lemmings running under a steamroller.

Shane Murphy: Limbaugh "Disgusting"

From the HuffPo:

Shane Murphy, Freed Pirate Hostage, Slams "Disgusting" Rush Limbaugh

Shane Murphy, second-in-command aboard the ship seized by Somali pirates this month, is happy to be home. But he's not happy to be sharing turf with land-lubber Rush Limbaugh, who politicized the pirate affair by referring to the pirates as "black teenagers."

"It feels great to be home," said Murphy in an interview with WCBV in Boston. "It feels like everyone around here has my back, with the exception of Rush Limbaugh, who is trying to make this into a race issue...that's disgusting."

Limbaugh made the remark to suggest why President obama might have appeared preoccupied at church on the day of the operation to rescue the ship's captain, who was taken hostage by the pirates until Navy SEAL snipers shot them in a daring rescue effort.

"He was worried about the order he had given to wipe out three teenagers on the high seas," Limbaugh said. "Black Muslim teenagers."

"You gotta get with us or against us here, Rush," Murphy said. "The president did the right thing...It's a war.... It's about good versus evil. And what you said is evil. It's hate speech. I won't tolerate it."

Rove Still Lying, We're Not Buying

Jed Lewison: Karl Rove, Marc Thiessen, and Fox News are not telling the truth when they claim that U.S. torture techniques prevented a "west coast 9/11." Rove et al. claim that after CIA waterboarding, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed gave authorities information used to foil a plot to hijack an airplane with a shoe bomb and fly it into the tallest building in Los Angeles, the Library Tower (now known as the U.S. Bank Building). The Rove timetable just doesn't add up. While Mohammed was arrested in March 2003, the plot was stopped in February 2002 -- more than a year earlier. Rove's tale could not possibly be true.

Hat tip to Drudge Retort

David Duke - Get Out

Czechs throw out ex-Klan leader

Czech authorities have ordered a former Ku Klux Klan leader, David Duke, to leave the country.

The 59-year-old American was invited to the Czech Republic by a local far-right group and had planned to give lectures and promote a book.

But on Friday he was arrested and questioned by police on suspicion of denying the Holocaust, an offence under Czech law.

Mr Duke has not been charged, but was ordered to leave the country.

He has reportedly been given a deadline of midnight on Saturday.

His lawyer was quoted in local media as saying she would lodge a complaint against the police on his behalf.

The Czech interim prime minister-designate, Jan Fischer, appeared on Czech television to say the opinions expressed in Mr Duke's book were "simply unacceptable, incomprehensible".

David Duke is a former Grand Wizard of the notorious white supremacist Ku Klux Klan group. He once held a seat for Louisiana in the House of Representatives, and made an unsuccessful bid for the US presidency.

Story from BBC NEWS

Published: 2009/04/25 12:29:39 GMT

The GOP: divorced from reality

The Republican base is behaving like a guy who just got dumped by his wife.

By Bill Maher
April 24, 2009

If conservatives don't want to be seen as bitter people who cling to their guns and religion and anti-immigrant sentiments, they should stop being bitter and clinging to their guns, religion and anti-immigrant sentiments.

It's been a week now, and I still don't know what those "tea bag" protests were about. I saw signs protesting abortion, illegal immigrants, the bank bailout and that gay guy who's going to win "American Idol." But it wasn't tax day that made them crazy; it was election day. Because that's when Republicans became what they fear most: a minority.
The conservative base is absolutely apoplectic because, because ... well, nobody knows. They're mad as hell, and they're not going to take it anymore. Even though they're not quite sure what "it" is. But they know they're fed up with "it," and that "it" has got to stop.

Here are the big issues for normal people: the war, the economy, the environment, mending fences with our enemies and allies, and the rule of law.

And here's the list of Republican obsessions since President Obama took office: that his birth certificate is supposedly fake, he uses a teleprompter too much, he bowed to a Saudi guy, Europeans like him, he gives inappropriate gifts, his wife shamelessly flaunts her upper arms, and he shook hands with Hugo Chavez and slipped him the nuclear launch codes.

Do these sound like the concerns of a healthy, vibrant political party?

It's sad what's happened to the Republicans. They used to be the party of the big tent; now they're the party of the sideshow attraction, a socially awkward group of mostly white people who speak a language only they understand. Like Trekkies, but paranoid.

The GOP base is convinced that Obama is going to raise their taxes, which he just lowered. But, you say, "Bill, that's just the fringe of the Republican Party." No, it's not. The governor of Texas, Rick Perry, is not afraid to say publicly that thinking out loud about Texas seceding from the Union is appropriate considering that ... Obama wants to raise taxes 3% on 5% of the people? I'm not sure exactly what Perry's independent nation would look like, but I'm pretty sure it would be free of taxes and Planned Parenthood. And I would have to totally rethink my position on a border fence.

I know. It's not about what Obama's done. It's what he's planning. But you can't be sick and tired of something someone might do.

Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota recently said she fears that Obama will build "reeducation" camps to indoctrinate young people. But Obama hasn't made any moves toward taking anyone's guns, and with money as tight as it is, the last thing the president wants to do is run a camp where he has to shelter and feed a bunch of fat, angry white people.

Look, I get it, "real America." After an eight-year run of controlling the White House, Congress and the Supreme Court, this latest election has you feeling like a rejected husband. You've come home to find your things out on the front lawn -- or at least more things than you usually keep out on the front lawn. You're not ready to let go, but the country you love is moving on. And now you want to call it a whore and key its car.

That's what you are, the bitter divorced guy whose country has left him -- obsessing over it, haranguing it, blubbering one minute about how much you love it and vowing the next that if you cannot have it, nobody will.

But it's been almost 100 days, and your country is not coming back to you. She's found somebody new. And it's a black guy.

The healthy thing to do is to just get past it and learn to cherish the memories. You'll always have New Orleans and Abu Ghraib.

And if today's conservatives are insulted by this, because they feel they're better than the people who have the microphone in their party, then I say to them what I would say to moderate Muslims: Denounce your radicals. To paraphrase George W. Bush, either you're with them or you're embarrassed by them.

The thing that you people out of power have to remember is that the people in power are not secretly plotting against you. They don't need to. They already beat you in public.

Bill Maher is the host of HBO's "Real Time with Bill Maher."

Facebook Etiquette

Great video, hat tip to Doug's Dynamic Drivel!

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

FBI Workers Accused of Spying on Girls Dressing

Two FBI workers are accused of using surveillance equipment to spy on teenage girls as they undressed and tried on prom gowns at a charity event at a West Virginia mall. The FBI employees were working in an FBI satellite control room at the mall when they positioned a camera on temporary changing rooms and zoomed in for at least 90 minutes on girls dressing for the Cinderella Project fashion show, Marion County Prosecutor Pat Wilson said Monday.

Hat tip to Drudge Retort

Friday, April 24, 2009

Guilt by Association

One of the folks on Christian LeFer's Facebook friends list lamented that it was unfortunate that I saw his list of friends as a 'guilt-by-association' list.

Because wingnuts are only interested in having fun on Facebook and they can separate their politics from their life. (I think it's called dissociation)

Uh huh... this sure looks like some innocent fun.

I'll stay with the guilt by association in Mr. LeFer's case - as for the lamenter... saying yes to every single 'friend me' request is, to quote another reader 'shameless' - but we've proven that a long time ago.

The endless stream of accusations of 'blocs' and 'shadow organizations' sure do ring hollow in the light of these findings. (I think that's called transferrence)

I'd love to see some of that highly-touted 'transparency' around this - one way or the other.


Screamin teabags Batman.

"...and throw them on the State Capitol steps...?"

Now that certainly seems like a threat.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

God's Tire Iron

"And out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword, that with it he should smite the nations: and he shall rule them with a rod of iron: and he treadeth the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God." ( Revelation 19:15 KJV)

Ya know, I just love biblical imagery... it's so... fearsome.

A reader of my old blog (MuskratHunt)(just ask the CO GOP, they have a detailed archive of it - I retired it when Muskrat was finally flushed out) once got their panties all bunched and soaked because I used somewhat-purple humor about political dialog - but you can find much, much worse in the bible. Heck, what that passage is talking about is nothing less than God's Tire Iron.

So, with that holiest of head-whuppin devices firmly in mind, I direct your attention to, an unabashedly right-wing site that's been taking potshots at Dems and libs for quite some time.

The operator's been quite careful to keep their identity secret (much like LongmontReport, but more about that later) and even sneered at attempts to pierce the double-top-secret security surrounding their seamy little media empire.

Well, facts really are stupid things - and when you screw up on the internet, it's in plain sight for everyone to see.

Here's the whois information for from earlier today:

created: 28-May-2007
last-changed: 15-Apr-2009
registration-expiration: 28-May-2009



registrant-firstname: Christian
registrant-lastname: LeFer
registrant-street1: PO Box 2555
registrant-pcode: 80201
registrant-state: CO
registrant-city: Denver
registrant-ccode: US
registrant-phone: +1.9703880123
registrant-fax: +1.2022046051

admin-c-firstname: Christian
admin-c-lastname: LeFer
admin-c-street1: PO Box 2555
admin-c-pcode: 80201
admin-c-state: CO
admin-c-city: Denver
admin-c-ccode: US
admin-c-phone: +1.9703880123
admin-c-fax: +1.2022046051

tech-c-firstname: Hostmaster
tech-c-lastname: ONEANDONE
tech-c-organization: 1&1 Internet Inc.
tech-c-street1: 701 Lee Rd.
tech-c-street2: Suite 300
tech-c-pcode: 19087
tech-c-state: PA
tech-c-city: Chesterbrook
tech-c-ccode: US
tech-c-phone: +1.8774612631
tech-c-fax: +1.6105601501

bill-c-firstname: Hostmaster
bill-c-lastname: ONEANDONE
bill-c-organization: 1&1 Internet Inc.
bill-c-street1: 701 Lee Rd.
bill-c-street2: Suite 300
bill-c-pcode: 19087
bill-c-state: PA
bill-c-city: Chesterbrook
bill-c-ccode: US
bill-c-phone: +1.8774612631
bill-c-fax: +1.6105601501

Odd that the whois information for LongmontReport looks so... familiar... same registrar, same host, same nameserver, both on TypePad... hmmm.....!!!!

created: 11-Jan-2008
last-changed: 29-Mar-2009
registration-expiration: 11-Jan-2010



registrant-firstname: Oneandone
registrant-lastname: Private Registration
registrant-organization: 1&1 Internet, Inc. -
registrant-street1: 701 Lee Road, Suite 300
registrant-street2: ATTN:
registrant-pcode: 19087
registrant-state: PA
registrant-city: Chesterbrook
registrant-ccode: US
registrant-phone: +1.8772064254

Isn't that fascinating...?

A little bit of the old Googligoogalulu and you find Mr. LeFer's Facebook page and golly... it's gone (it was there at 5pm today!):

Oh dear.

Good thing I captured the text!

Here's a list of folks that Christian LeFer calls 'friends.' I've helpfully highlighted a couple of folks that I recognize (jumps up and down and yells HI STEFFIE!!!!!!! - now your Facebook invite makes sense... glad I said no.) This list reads like a whos-who of far-right lunatic fringers.

Christian has 95 friends.

Asim Akram

Theresa Amato Lloyd
North Jersey, NJ

Tina Ambrose

John Andrews
Denver, CO

Stephanie Seale Baum
Northern Colorado, CO

Rob Beiswenger
Indianapolis, IN

Mackenzee Beth
Salisbury Christian School '08

Michael Bettens
North Jersey, NJ

David Bjorklund

Shari Bjorklund
Western Colorado, CO

Tom Bjorklund
Western Colorado, CO

Adam Blatnik

Helaine Blumenthal Pappas

Cris Bongiorno

Joanna Branum

Paul M Branum
Northern Colorado, CO

Greg Brophy

Dudley Brown

John Butler
Nashville, TN

Jon Caldara
Denver, CO

Deb Carlstrom
Northern Colorado, CO

Joe Carolan

Lewis Chilton
Sonoma / Napa, CA

Jamie Coburn

Marty Coleman
North Jersey, NJ

Athena Dalton
Denver, CO

Claudia Mach Dorman
North Jersey, NJ

Kerri Conbeer Enslin
Trenton / Princeton, NJ

Sophie Flinton
Tampa Bay, FL

Jared Gamble
Washington, DC

Cory Gardner

Brian Gentry
Washington, DC

Scott Gessler
Denver, CO

Pam Groeger
Colorado Springs, CO

JC Hagen
Bozeman, MT

Shawn Harmer
Northern Colorado, CO

Ted Harvey

Brian Hasenkamp
Trenton / Princeton, NJ

Kirsten Heffron

Julie Herrmann
Denver, CO

Ben Hodges

Jody Isakoff
North Jersey, NJ

Brad Jones
Denver, CO

John A. Kalb
Concord, NH

Dimitri Kesari
Des Moines, IA

Mellora King
Washington, DC
National Right to Work

Phil le Fer
Sarasota, FL

Jacob Leis

Liz Lerman
North Jersey, NJ

Kevin Lundberg
Northern Colorado, CO

Shawn Macedo
Prudential Douglas Elliman
New York, NY

Kelly Maher
Denver, CO

Melissa Malcom
Rapid City, SD

Howard Mansbach

Rod D. Martin

Elizabeth McCullough

Chuck McGee
Concord, NH

Tom McGrath
New York, NY

Michael McMahon
North Jersey, NJ

Pat McMahon
New York, NY

Kevan McNaught
Northern Colorado, CO

Mike Mears
Washington, DC

Darrin Meigs
Virginia Beach / Norfolk, VA

Erin White Mizia

Doug Moore
Northern Indiana, IN

Tom D. Muniz
Northern Colorado, CO

Luke O'Dell
Colorado State Alum

Patrick Parsons
UGA Alum '04
Washington, DC

Linda Pattengale
Bozeman, MT

Josh Penry

Joseph Peters
GWU Grad Student '10
Washington, DC

Tim Pollard
Western Colorado, CO

Jeremy Pressgrove
Citadel Alum '05

Lee Randall
MSU Bozeman '08

Missy Randall
Bozeman, MT

Travis Ratliff
Des Moines, IA

Scott Renfroe
State of Colorado

Dave Schultheis

Lauren Scott
CNU Alum '06

Alina Severs

Bob Shappell

Guy Short
Washington, DC
(kin y'all hear the Muskrat Hunter a-yellin??)

Mikaela Smith
Patrick Henry Alum
Washington, DC

Courtney Staatz
Denver, CO

Doug Stafford
Washington, DC

Tammy Strawder
North Jersey, NJ

Libby Szabo
Denver, CO

John Tate
Washington, DC

Kathy Teal

Laura S. Teal
Denver, CO

Kristina Twitty

Carolyn Ward Olmstead
North Jersey, NJ

Krystle D. Weeks
Washington, DC

James E Wheeler
Manchester, NH

David Wright
Washington, DC


Christian's Facebook page was in Bozeman, MT... hm... why does that sound familiar....

Ohhh yeah... now I remember... Shires was (is?) the front man for the Colorado League of Taxpayers - you know, the folks that paid for this ad. Hmmmm....

Ya know... something tells me there are a couple of folks that would like to get in touch with Christian.

Glad I could help out.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

When a Pulitzer Isn't Enough

From Salon:

The Pulitzer-winning investigation that dare not be uttered on TV

(updated below - Update II)

The New York Times' David Barstow won a richly deserved Pulitzer Prize yesterday for two articles that, despite being featured as major news stories on the front page of The Paper of Record, were completely suppressed by virtually every network and cable news show, which to this day have never informed their viewers about what Barstow uncovered. Here is how the Pulitzer Committee described Barstow's exposés:

Awarded to David Barstow of The New York Times for his tenacious reporting that revealed how some retired generals, working as radio and television analysts, had been co-opted by the Pentagon to make its case for the war in Iraq, and how many of them also had undisclosed ties to companies that benefited from policies they defended.

Oh there's more.

How much longer is the corporate world going to get a pass for corrupting our government?

Hopefully this administration will have the courage to turn over a few rocks and stomp on some of these worms.