Saturday, March 21, 2009


The howling of the wingnuts seems to get louder and screechier every day - sometimes every hour.

Here's a classic example from Red Nova (aka 'Praying for Relevancy in the Post-Bush Era')

I love how they're almost Wizard-of-Oz-Lion-like praying 'I do believe in spooks' except it's 'the media is turning on Obama, it is, it Is!, it IS!!!' in a breathless mantra that must take them back to those early days all alone in that tiny little closet... well... we'll talk about that another time...

"Remember how the media laughed at George Bush..." um... that wasn't so much the 'media' as it was the majority of America and the WORLD. And we were all laughing at Bush policy-wise too since he was such a collossal fuckup and general embarrassment, not just to Democrats but Republicans and chimp-trainers everywhere.

So the idea that someone is not just cataloging every single one of Obama and Biden's slips (however minor) but leaping up and down in urine-soaked sweatpants barking like a crack-crazed chihuahua doesn't surprise me one bit since this same brain-trust cheered that pathetic shell of a man on as he gutted the economy like a fish and sent thousands of our country's best to die. (yes that's a long sentence, but it takes a lot of words to accurately describe that level of fucktardery)

Considering the relative severity of their gaffes I think Obama and Bush's public errors might acheive parity sometime after the universe has ended in heat death.... or Red Nova has finally bloated up into a Red-state supergiant and consumed all the other bloggers around them.

God forbid either of the Obamas ever mispronounce a word, 'Not Jim Moran' might ruin yet another pair of Gucci sweatpants.

But hey, I encourage them to keep it up. Four years is a long time to be powerless and impotent (well, in Not Jim's case it's likely been decades)... and eight years is a really long time Jimminy.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Campaign Season Has Begun

My my, five months early, must be a thick layer of bullshit the Longmont Lunatic Fringe intends to lay down.

Careful with that trowel boys and girls.

Limbaugh the Hut


Thursday, March 19, 2009

New Age Ambulance Chasers

I stopped posting on YourHub some time ago because it's clearly become a bastion (well... some kind of bast___ ) of lunatic fringer Obama-haters.

In particular, a lawyer named Michael Robinson has been very, very busy posting the same set of reich-wing talking points over and over and over and over... all wrapped up in cute little headlines designed to get the well-heeled churchfolk all riled up and calling their government demanding answers.

Funny... I thought the GOP claimed lawyers were part of the problem in Colorado...

The GOP clearly has set their hats to make running the government as difficult as possible and consume our public servants time in fruitless arguments with lunatic fringe wackos.

I suggest you call these fine gentlemen and ask them why they're spamming the crap out YourHub with baseless gibberish and calls to harrass Democratic officials. Maybe it's just a publicity stunt.

Robinson & Henry, P.C.

757 Maleta Lane, Suite 104
Castle Rock, CO 80108
Ph. 303-688-0944

Here's a list of all the stories posted (all in one day)
they're virtually identical, just targeted to different churches.

Word of Life Christian Ctr. Hurt by Obama Budget?

Trinity Lutheran Church Hurt by the Obama Budget?

Southeast Christian Church Hurt by Obama Budget?

Roxborough Community Church Hurt by Obama Budget?

Riverside Baptist Church Hurt by the Obama Budget?

Orchard Rd Christian Center Hurt by Obama Budget?

Heritage Christian Center Hurt by Obama Budget?

Greenwood Community Church Hurt by Obama Budget?

Grace Chapel Hurt by the Obama Budget?

Foothills Bible Church Hurt by the Obama Budget?

Church of the Rock Hurt by the Obama Budget?

Cherry Hills Comm. Church Hurt by Obama Budget?

Castle Pines Comm. Church Hurt by Obama Budget?

Monday, March 16, 2009

Lunatic Fringe Limbo

Over the past few years, our trust in politicians and political parties, particularly that of the GOP, has sunk just about as low as it can go.
Oh, I'm certain you guys can go much, much lower. I have faith in your ability to slime yourselves into total oblivion.

You're doin a heckuva job so far - just keep at it. Saying no to stimulus funds is superb - that'll show em!!

Hat tip to Prometheus 6!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Legislate 'em into Submission, YEAH!

Usually I have a pretty high amazement threshold for the GOP's antics... I've seen some astounding things over the last few years.

However, today while reviewing the red sites I read (a man needs entertainment after all!) I came across this at The Colorado Index:
No army ever won a war playing defense. Political parties can't expect to win by playing defense, and as long as the Republican party insists on playing defense, it will lose.

Ahhhh.... so the GOP is an 'army' now is it? Let's hope they don't start conducting para-military raids with all the guns they're buying. You have to rememeber these are people that found the shootings at a Unitarian church funny... and cheered for the loon that walked into the local Democratic HQ and blasted the party chairman point-blank, killing him. Guns and murder are just part of the culture. Kind of like Blackwater is part of the family.
It is time to go on the offensive using the only weapon we have left--the initiative process. Actually, that is what the Democrats did a few years ago with Amendments 23 and 27.

"...go on the offensive..."?? Newsflash General Wingnut, you've been 'on the offensive' for years - your party perfected the politics of personal destruction with the help of Tom "The Hammer" Delay and the right-wing talkshow hosts like Rush Limpbough. Please, get your tenses straight. As for the 'only weapon we have left' you're clearly overlooking the sensory overload from that cologne your party members are fond of. Trust me, you could knock down a whole brigade with that alone. Believe me, you're very much still in the 'threat' column.

But then he attempts to get all devious, which is both amusing and painful to see in someone so obviously detached from reality...
We could make things pretty painful with some one or two sentence initiatives:

Take the Supreme Court, an institution which believes itself to be above the plain language of the constitution.

"No member of the State Supreme Court or lower court judge who ignores the plain language of the state or Federal Constitution may claim immunity or use public funds in any way when sued for damages by any person unless they prevail. This amendment specifically authorizes these lawsuits."

Brilliant. Don't try to make things better, throw wrenches into the gears! Wow. That's so patriotic. Oh... sorry, I forgot, the only time we're supposed to love America is when the GOP is running it (even if it's running it right into the ground).

The rest is just giggling and hand-washing motions suitable only for Johnny Depp outtakes.

Hey, if you barkin-mad monomaniacs want to piss away several more million dollars in failed attempts to fuck with the Supreme Court - go for it. I can think of nothing more damaging to the GOP than to be labelled as 'enemies of the Court'.

You go girl.

Postage Due, Undeliverable

Rebuild the (GOP) Party (because the 'GOP' part apparently isn't obvious... to some...) has this today:
I like the idea of the "Tea Parties", taxpayer protests that we are seeing pop up across the country. Heck, I'm even going to try to attend one on April 15th, but I do see a problem with the whole concept. The problem is media coverage, specifically the lack thereof.
*whoop!!* (falls out of chair laughing) - perhaps the problem is that no one cares about a bunch of disgruntled middle-aged white guys whining about their taxes. But by all means, you keep those protests going. Really. Get together with Biff, Standish and Bud and stomp your golf-shoed feet all you want... just don't expect anyone to give a shit (you clearly have plenty already).

At this rate, soon just saying 'GOP' in public will soon cause spontaneous outbursts of hysterical laughter.

Heckuva job guys... heckuva job... keep it up.

Growth for a Better World

That's one of Monsanto's mottos - and it's an eerie echo of the nonstop yammering of the realtors and developers.

In the movie The Matrix, during his interrogation of Morpheus, Agent Smith likens the human race to a virus - and the folks behind our world's insane rush to rip the crust off the planet and gulp down every single last resource in sight truly are.

For years agribusiness companies like Monsanto have tried to force farmers to use only their seeds and the farmers have fought back. So - Monsanto turned to legislation to get what they wanted. First it was 'test fields' that contaminated the natual genetic strains, now it's House Bill 875 which has been around before - and was beaten.

It needs to be beaten again. Write to your Representatives and Senators - call them - drop by and ask them how much money Monsanto is paying them to back this bill.

Realtor in Trouble

Fort Collins realtor Niles Stansfield is in a pinch.

The story in the Coloradan states:
The 66-year-old Stansfield, a Fort Collins real-estate agent was arrested March 2 and has since posted a $100,000 property bond. A Fort Collins police investigation by officer Robert Brown, a certified fraud examiner, presented to Larimer County prosecutors earlier this month determined investors gave Stansfield money for purchasing of water rights along the Arkansas River to be sold to municipalities.
Googling and digging around I found this:

From the
Nebraska Real Estate Commission
August 21, 2002 - 9:30 a.m. - Niles Stansfield, Reciprocal Broker Applicant

Director Tyrrell presented an Exhibit which included correspondence regarding Mr. Stansfield's Special Appearance. A copy of said Exhibit is attached to and made a part of these Minutes. Mr. Stansfield was present. Mr. Stansfield said he had come prepared to address the issue of unpaid office bills at Woods Bros., and to explain his leaving the firm twice. Mr. Stansfield presented an Exhibit which included information regarding specific transactions with Woods Bros. A copy of said Exhibit is attached to and made a part of these Minutes, denoted as Exhibit 12a1.

After Mr. Stansfield made his presentation, the Commissioners asked questions regarding the issues addressed.

After discussion, a motion was made by Johnson and seconded by Shepard to ratify issuance of Mr. Stansfield's reciprocal broker's license. Motion carried with Johnson, Poskochil, Shepard, Strand, Wiebusch, and Gale voting aye, and with Moline voting nay.
There's a whollllle buncho questions right there.

And then there's the church angle:
Harmony Presbyterian appears here and you see Stansfield's name under the "Fellowship of Fantastic Friends" in the 'Individuals' category.

Also here listed as:
Mr. Niles Stansfield, Land & Water Broker

And I also found this HighBeam Research link from the Pueblo Chieftan:
The Pueblo Chieftain (Pueblo, Colorado)

Amity Canal owners sign options to sell.
January 20, 2005

Byline: Chris Woodka

Jan. 20--Some owners of the Amity Mutual Irrigation Co. have signed options to sell to an unknown buyer, but the exact number is in dispute.

The agent for New Amity Inc., which has been recruiting sales, claims the company has more than half of Amity's 34,662 shares. The canal company's attorney doubts that many have sold.

"I'm a real estate broker for the project," said Niles Stansfield of Fort Collins, who is also listed as registered agent for New Amity in Colorado articles of incorporation. "I don't think anyone wants to reveal anything yet."

Stansfield said Amity's board of directors, whose names he would not divulge, met Jan. 10 to ...


Oughta be interesting to watch this one play out.

Wasn't Muskrat all about water rights...? Hm. HMMM.