Saturday, March 14, 2009

They Should Be Silent

After lying and manipulating and getting caught flat-footed and red-handed like the clumsy and stupid crimminals they are, then they are silent.

Four year olds behave with more honor.

Why no arrests? Numerous lives have been ruined and surely some lost - definite crimes have occurred.

Well, at least we got Madoff. For a while.

Watching Jon Stewart take CNBC's Cramer's lies apart one by one is a must-see.

If a television pundit can see the crime, why not the law? Until there's more punishment I refuse to believe this system will ever change and we'll see a financial collapse again, on an even grander scale.


Bill Hicks



The CO GOP aren't the only Republicans adept at the circular firing squad maneuver:

VA’s Congressional Delegation Calls on Frederick to Resign
Via Bearing Drift, here is a letter sent to RPV Chairman Jeff Frederick yesterday:

March 12,2009
The Honorable JeffFrederick
Chairman, Republican Party ofVirginia
115 E. Grace Street
Richmond, VA 23219

Dear Jeff:

For the good of the Republican Party of Virginia we write today asking that you step aside as chairman in light of the recent call from three-fourths of the State Central Committee seeking your resignation. Clearly it is the sentiment of the grassroots membership of the Party to move in another direction.

With November’s elections rapidly approaching, it is essential that our party be unified as we work to regain control of the governor’s mansion and retain control ofthe House of Delegates. No one will benefit from a protracted battle over the leadership of RPV. It is in that spirit that we ask you to step down.


Frank Wolf
Robert Goodlatte
Eric Cantor
Randy Forbes
Robert Wittman

Guys... (both leaders and party members) you're doing a heckuva job. Please, continue. The ongoing disintegration of the GOP is simply the most lovely thing I've seen in years.

NO, really, go right ahead.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Licentious Lieutenant

From the Longmont

Civil Air Patrol lieutenant suspected of sexual assault

By Pierrette J. Shields
© 2009 Longmont Times-Call

LONGMONT — Detectives suspect a 20-year-old man arrested Thursday on suspicion of sexually assaulting two teenage girls who were his subordinates at a local Civil Air Patrol squadron may have had other victims.

Puts a whole new meaning on '...pop a CAP in yo ass...'


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

This is NOT Good News

Now I'm not nearly so happy.

This article tells me that the GOP might just have a chance at recovering... right after they run out of poo to fling that is, but a real (subatomic but measurable) chance at recovery.

Maybe if we all wear bright clothes and carry fruit... and keep the rocks hidden...


Drudge Retort once again. THANKS!

Steele on the Anvil

Don't these metallic metaphors just crack you up? No? Oh well.

From Drudge Retort, more aerial views of the internecine nuclear war in the GOP:

Repub Infighting Escalates

Republican infighting escalated Monday with allegations and denials over $4 million once destined for the party's congressional campaign committees. Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Michael Steele sought to placate critics by giving $1 million to each of his party's debt-ridden campaign committees a move that follows a month of bad reviews, national slip-ups and a high-profile fight with one of the country's most famous conservatives. But sources told The Hill that Robert "Mike" Duncan, the former chairman, had written checks three times that size for $3 million to each committee before he left, and that Steele slashed them to the smaller number. That is a "lie," says the RNC and so another round of recrimination begins.


We need to start a camp for the refugees fleeing this battle of warlords, cause there sure as heck will be. Something tells me the price of antiacids alone will drive the decision to flee to saner fields. I hope they can adapt, life without fear might be too much for them.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Walker, Texas Deranger

Apparently, being superhuman takes its toll on the mind...

The past several months have had me really worried about the GOP... they seemed... restive... unhappy even. They had no leadership... they were wandering in the wilderness in stained and torn clothing.

Then the howling and barking started.

I became concerned that the entire GOP was going bugfuck nuts. Today I got absolute proof.

The first tipoff was Limbaugh attacking Newt... absolutely unheard of... but Chuck Norris proves without a doubt that the GOP has lost its collective mind.

I hope someone is collecting all these special moments so there can be a Time-Life series of DVDs and books to chronicle this epic disintegration. I want to invite friends over and watch this over and over again as we munch popcorn and laugh...

Hat tip to the Drudge Retort* and AmericaBlog

* HI DAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just love how Rush referred to Newt as a 'fly-by-night operator' - so that's a BAD THING now?? Man, I'm confused.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Good News! There's Help for the Fringers

The Longmont Lunatic Fringe has been impotent for so long... it's sad - But now there's HOPE! At least now they won't be ashamed in the locker room at their clubs, etc.

Ain't science grand?

Special hat tip to the Drudge Retort!