Thursday, February 5, 2009

Now THAT'S a halftime show!

UPDATED: Comcast offers $10 credit to Tucson customers who saw Super Bowl porn
By Brian J. Pedersen
Arizona Daily Star
Tucson, Arizona | Published: 02.02.2009

The pornographic content that interrupted thousands of local Comcast subscribers’ Super Bowl broadcast was the result of an “isolated malicious act,” a company spokeswoman said Monday.

But company officials have yet to determine how that act was committed, spokeswoman Kelle Maslyn said, though any sort of equipment malfunction has been ruled out.

Read the rest at the Arizona Daily Star

Now, let me get this straight...

"...the interruption, which lasted about 30 seconds, and featured full male nudity."
and was described thusly:
"...the result of an “isolated malicious act...”
Hm. I'm thinking control room employees should be treated with more respect, they can clearly cause a great deal of corporate pain.
Cora King of Marana tells the Arizona Daily Star. "Then he did his little dance with everything hanging out."
I'm surprised any of the football fans noticed anything except that the quarterback was lined up really, really close and was having a lot of false starts.

But at least he scored.

Vaccines And Autism: Many Hypotheses, But No Correlation Found

From ScienceDaily.

ScienceDaily (Feb. 1, 2009) — An extensive new review summarizes the many studies refuting the claim of a link between vaccines and autism. The review, in the February 15, 2009 issue of Clinical Infectious Diseases and now available online, looks at the three main hypotheses and shows how epidemiological and biological studies refute these claims.
“When one hypothesis of how vaccines cause autism is refuted, another invariably springs up to take its place,” said study author Paul Offit, MD, of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.
IE, people just 'make shit up' - again.
Fears about vaccines are pushing down immunization rates and having a real impact on public health, he added.
IE, it's hurting people.

Hey, thanks. Not bad enough that we had to deal with eight years of 'faith-based initiatives' but the people pushing the anti-vaccine bullshit were making it easier to start epidemics. Nice.
Vaccine refusal is contributing to the current increase in Haemophilus influenzae cases in Minnesota—including the death of one child—and was a factor in last year’s measles outbreak in California.
It's like people want to go back in time.
Atavistic clowns.
Hat tip to the Drudge Retort.

Church Secrets

Why is it that I don't like MegaChurchesTM?

Let's see...

They help self-loathing gay men pretend to be straight and threaten anyone that might let the truth leak out. But it does anyway.

They routinely try to dodge the microscopic taxes they do have to pay. And get caught.

When honest businesspeople try to get away from them, they abuse the courts with nuisance lawsuits to punish them. And lose.

They ignore city zoning regulations and try to use the RLUIPA laws to force their churches into inappropriate places. And lose.

They brazenly ignore the separation of church and state that gives them the freedom to worship as they see fit, then use their protected status to meddle in politics (under the ever-so-bloody shirt of "Pro Life"), using the GOP as a flag of convenience. Even self-proclaimed Conservative Republicans don't approve of it.

There's much more, but that's plenty for people who can make rational decisions.

Longmont has dozens of small churches (under a thousand members) and you don't see any of them trying to arm-twist the city into building them their own tax-immune enclave with never-ending tax breaks.

I keep hearing how LifeBridge is 'under attack' - which is ironic as hell, especially in light of activities during the last city council election.

The truth has a way of coming out... just like it did for Ted Haggard... and Jim Bakker... and Jimmy Swaggart (who had outed Bakker the year before)... and Tony Alamo... and the litany of pedophilic Catholic priests that bankrupted the Holy Church who had worked so hard to hide the truth from the public... the list is endless.

"Know the truth and the truth shall set you free."

But it will surely piss off the charlatans.

Even Wingers Like Macs

I wonder if it was the endless blue screens of death or the nonstop virus battles that finally made him switch?

Welcome to the club, Major! Your black beret now has a secret meaning. Don't worry, I'll never tell.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


The first line of this just made me blurt out:


...please, seek major laxatives immediately or warn those in your vicinity of possible bursting danger.

I mean.... dude.

What infuriates you is that the courts, often with REPUBLICAN JUDGES don't see things your way.

Some folks can see past their party to right and wrong - damn traitors!

Now go read this and you'll see why we're seeing more and more posts like the lead-in.

Fringe Flailing Furiously and Flatulently

Our local newspaper, the TimesCall (a fine Gannett publication) allows anonymous comments on their stories (although there is a field for email address and city name and I'm certain the IP address of each commenter is recorded) and whooo-eee! the comments get pre-tty unhinged:

Here's a selection of some of the most amusing from this story:
Council fighting rough economy
Well if my math is correct a 10% cut for city employees would save $3,540,000 and whala problem solved I'm sure if the City council did another study they would see that the average LONGMONTIAN has taken that much of a cute taking into consideration the wall street fiasco. And is it any wonder Building permits are down who would want to build in a city that treats its Churches with such distain (LIFEBRIDGE) and who might take the chance of allowing AVIAN flu from all the backyard chickens Well good luck
2/3/2009 9:00:31 AM
"whala" problem? Maybe one less bloody mary before posting would help... "taken that much of a cute"? Maybe two less bloody marys... or more blood and less mary. I love the remark about 'treats its Churches' - this tells me it's one of the wingnuts that backed the church takeover of the town that blew up in their faces. Apparently they're still pissed off about that and hoping (praying?)(preying?) they can make hay with it during the next Council election. The avian flu gibberish is because the council just voted to allow folks to raise chickens in their back yards - an obvious terrist hobby. Basically, anything the council does is wrong. They could vote to cut their pay 50% and this whackjob would screech "didn't do it soon enough!!!!!" - basically this comment is a cry for help. Which won't come.

We have been in a RECESSION for over a year and yet the city has kept spending as if they were flush with money How about the City attorneys pay raise only to have him retire early and then Pedrows 10% pay raise and the new carpet in his office $75,000 to get the police and fire dep a Union thousands in studies for the blighted mall how does all that help the citizens of Longmont Now lets look at city services Police and fire are paid by taxes other city services such as electricity are paid by the amount the user uses so let the city employees start helping with the burden. Maybe sell some of the open space that the city owns and stop spending on attorneys to fight our neighbors to the EAST Maybe the group of 4 might get off their back sides and start doing something
2/3/2009 10:31:51 AM
We're in a RECESSION? Well this surely can't be a GOP'er since everyone in that party knows the economy has been booming!! BOOMING!!! Really. But the attack on the police and fire union gives this cute little poster away - wingitty-wingnut! The lunatic fringe in Longmont fought like crack-crazed wolverines to stop the police and firemen from getting collective bargaining rights... and... (wait for it) LOST. More soreloserism. The snip about 'neighbors to the EAST' is yet another cut about the LifeBridge church annex-that-did-not-happen (and is very likely not to happen now with the GOP-fucked economy going into the dumper). Too bad, so sad. The 'group of 4' is a slam on the four Dems on the Council. Of course there was no such 'group' when the GOP controlled the Council. Odd.
Shouldnt the title of this article be: "Council causing rough economy" or "Council not helping in rough economy" or "Some on council should be recalled due to inaction during rough economy"? Just thoughts.
2/3/2009 11:29:20 AM
LOL! This one makes me laugh out loud. This is as far as a recall effort has gotten. Clearly they're saving their money for an all-out assault at City Council elections - and the buzz is that the right-wingers have their very own little warchest to depose these evil, evil Dems. Now, far be it from me to suggest that these mighty captains of industry perhaps use that money to HELP the town... or give their workers a raise... but hey, it wouldn't be a bad idea. Chance of happening? Somewhere south of nilsville I suspect.
Whatever THEY cut I hope it isn't the money protecting our eastern territory from those bad bad Christians and coal miners. Lets continue to fund the local jihad effort and keep our special forces legal teams deployed. Lets not let anyone touch us. We are special. We shall overcome. Victory or death! Who cares about blighted malls, empty storefronts, home foreclosures, companies closing their doors, residents out of work, reducing city services, and go ahead and cut the pay of all those city workers who won't be able to afford to live here anymore. It would be better to just lay some of them off and let the US government worry about them. Close all the boarders, board up the town. The lawyers can protect us. I demand that the council keeps their focus on THEIR AGENDA. After all THEY were elected to do whatever THEY want. Whatsinitforlongmont? Chapter 11.
2/3/2009 12:02:55 PM
Now this is cute. Apparently my nonstop efforts at lampooning these eminently-lampoonable (is that a word?)(oughta be) loony tunes has inspired them to make their own (weak but commendable) attempt at making a funny. The Whatsinitforlongmont bit is a hack at the website that helped coordinate the church annex refusal and will live in infamy in wingerland. (puts hand over heart and smiles)

Notice any theme here?

There's a very small group of once-wealthy developers, wannabe-wealthy wingy landowners and likely a religious wingnut or two still vowing revenge for shutting down their takeover play of the town.

The raving gets more and more ridiculous the further up the stack you go (it shows newest to oldest top-to-bottom) and you can almost hear the spittle splattering the other side of the screen.

Yep, it's raining in Wingnuttia and the vodka's running low. Somehow I suspect the pets are all hiding under furniture cowering in fear.

Monday, February 2, 2009

The New Republican Party

This is... so wrong...

No, really... it's wrong... stop... don't play it again...

Long-range (sorta) Jet Pack

Forget your flying cars, this is the way to go... if you live in Venice... or on a lake... yeah...

Funny Names

Geeks like to name computers in a network with funny names.

For example: at the University of Colorado there's Spot, Rover and Beagle (among others). In a computing lab near me: Metallica, Slayer and Whitesnake. When I was put in charge of setting up a seven-machine training environment, well... of course they were named Sleepy, Dopey, Grumpy, Bashful, Sneezy, Happy and the server was, who else, Doc.

Unable to link....

Got this in an email from a pal - will attribute later if possible:

Ben & Jerry created "Yes Pecan!" ice cream flavor for Obama.

The company then asked people to fill in the blank to the following:

For George W. they created "_________".

Here are some of his favorite responses:

- Grape Depression

- Abu Grape

- Cluster Fudge

- Nut'n Accomplished

- Iraqi Road

- Chock 'n Awe

- WireTapioca

- Impeach Cobbler

- Guantanmallow

- imPeachmint

- Good Riddance You Lousy Motherfucker... Swirl

- Heck of a Job, Brownie!

- Neocon Politan

- RockyRoad to Fascism

- The Reese's-cession

- Cookie D'oh!

- The Housing Crunch

- Nougalar Proliferation

- Death by Chocolate... and Torture

- Credit Crunch

- Country Pumpkin

- Chunky Monkey in Chief

- George Bush Doesn't Care About Dark Chocolate

- WM Delicious

- Chocolate Chimp

- Bloody Sundae

- Caramel Preemptive Stripe

- I broke the law and am responsible for the deaths of thousands...with

And here I thought Longmont was strange....

Go read this at Carrie Fisher's blog....

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Interesting has this:

Just Five Red States Left?

Gallup is in the midst of releasing a series of data from the more than 350,000 interviews that it conducted over the course of its daily tracking in 2008. The first data they've released, on partisan affiliation, contains some sobering news for Republicans:

read the rest.

The Watcher over at The Colorado Index in "Doings in El Paso County" opines at one point:
I'm an old fashioned Republican who just wants the party to win. I don't belong to either faction. I just try to size up the election and vote for the person I think will do the best job. I wish there were more folks like me. There aren't many.
Apparently, from the looks of this survey data, there really aren't.