Thursday, December 17, 2009

Snow to be Declared Terrorist Threat

This article on the TC:
City will evaluate tire-shredding curbs Traffic-calming structure blamed for tire troubles

had this hilarious comment:
This morning I drove by the area reported on and can confirm that the narrowing of the road there is dangerous. The curb sticks out into the lane farther than is normal and it is too narrow for the Suburban that I was driving. I drove through slowly, of course. There are traffic cones all around now but there are other areas like that one in Longmont. A few comments regarding cell phone usage or "tghe curb jumped out of the snow" do not asknowledge the reality of this snow on our roads. It masked the danger. For the record, the caption on the photo incorrectly states that this is WEST of Hover. It is east as the main article states.

DavidDinosaur, Longmont, CO, 12/17/2009 9:51 AM
(clasps hands to face, eyes wide and mouth a round 'O' of horror)

Narrow Streets! Oh My!
Snow!!!! OH MY!

Quick! Everyone wet your pants and start screaming in terror! Let's spend several thousand dollars moving curbs around so those folks too self-absorbed to pay attention don't damage their Escalades or Ford Exploders. Better yet let's declare snow illegal (because you know they have snow in BOULDER and only Socialist Commies like snow!) We need to make the roads SAFE for our gas-guzzling SUVs RIGHT NOW!!!!!!! It's a PLOT by OBAMA!

You jackasses have the nerve to hijack our city council using basketfulls of out of state money, then complain publicly about CURBS that are too wide for your bloated urban assault vehicles?

Fucking hang up and drive, you idiots.

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