Thursday, December 10, 2009

She's no 'lady'

This is just lovely.

Did you think your blog wasn't being archived?

Sorry Ms. Baum, you don't get to attack and smear to win an election and then wind the tape back and pretend you didn't say things. Remember when you were gleefully busting Richard Juday using the Google Cache?

Turnabout is fair play Ms. Baum.

You've been a loud and angry voice in Longmont for years, howling right along with the wingnuts and their well-paid smear-artists. Anything to win after all. Your words won't just disappear because you want them to.

You chose to kill the albatross - now you get to wear it and mayor Baum will just have to deal with the stench - that's politics.

You got down on hands and knees and raked the muck mercilessly so don't expect to don your 'first lady' status and expect your past to just evaporate.

I believe that's called Accountability - something you've (supposedly) championed.

I'm glad to help.

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Kaye Fissinger said...

"30% of Juday's contributions came from people OUTSIDE of Longmont - odd considering this a for a CITY COUNCIL position!" so she says.

HORSE of a different color in 2009 -- or should I say ASS.