Monday, December 28, 2009

Crackin me the hell up

While doing my daily patrol of the Times-Call comment streams (aka 'Libellers 'r Us') I spotted this comment from Dec. 23rd by 'George S.'

My prediction: Within six months of the new Wal-Mart opening, several businesses will close including its Hover store, the south Safeway, Big Lots and either Ross or Marshall's. Several higher-end businesses that had considered moving to Longmont, including Sunflower Market, will cancel their plans ... for the same reason that a Nordstrom would never locate in a mall with a Dollar Store. With its high percentage of high-income, well-educated, tech-savvy residents, Longmont should be campaigning to bring in higher-end retail, whose customers are now being lost to Centerra, FlatIron Crossing and 29th Street. Those businesses and their customers would generate much more sales-tax revenue and lure similar businesses here. Instead, we're establishing an image as the Junkyard of the Front Range, whose theme song is the theme from "Deliverance," whose logo is a giant beer can, and whose motto is "Go back to your double-wide and fry something." Why don't we add a couple auto-salvage yards and another pawn shop and tattoo parlor or two to our eastern gateway and be done with our Dogpatch-ization? One of the keys to career ascendancy has always been to "dress for success," but Longmont seems intent in dressing in a tank top, baggy shorts and a mullet.
George S., Longmont, 12/23/2009 1:18 PM
 George, you are crackin me up. Please contact me.

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