Friday, December 11, 2009

Cowardly Council

DaVinci Quest came to our glorious new Council (complete with an investment-advisor mayor who helps people decide what risks to take) with a great green idea - the Smarter, Safer, Greener House Contest.

And they chickened out... so much for all that vaunted skill. *yawn*

One of the usual suspects had this to say in the TC's vitriol-soaked comments:
I think this is the best possible outcome. DiVinci will still run their contest and the people who want to risk being involved can - and maybe it'll be a great success and maybe it will fail, but either way the city can only benefit as if it fails, the city won't have any responsibilty and if it is a huge success then the city will reap the rewards via taxes and fees for the building and materials, not to mention any positive press should this be a big hit. Win-win.
Yep, take the credit but don't do shit to help - that's the story of the GOP. Talk about 'leaning vs lifting'.
Councilwoman Katie Witt said she thinks the contest is a great idea and would be happy to lend her individual support to it, but she isn’t comfortable opening the door to the council endorsing for-profit entities.
Oh? 4C much? Or is that profit okay because it puts money in the (far) right pockets?
“If you want to pursue this, I think that’s a wonderful pursuit, but asking us to put a rubber stamp on it is inappropriate,” Mayor Bryan Baum told Dakin.
Absolutely Bryan. You'll want to save your teeny little rubber stamp for your wingnut pals.
But Councilman Sean McCoy said a large part of the contest is to drive economic development, and endorsing it is similar to endorsing an organization like the Longmont Area Economic Council.

Yep, that's right. But the problem is - anytime the Greenies win one, the wingnuts would sooner gouge their eyes out with a grapefruit spoon rather than notice it.

After the recent purge of progressives from every single board and commission this action comes as no surprise. The new Council is doing exactly what you can expect a group of right-wing ideologues to do - purge, block, hamper and otherwise muck up the gears of our government. Oh, and turn their refined noses up at anything that the Grand Olde Obstructionists disagree with.

Mission Accomplished. I wonder if we can sue the Council members for damages when this project goes big and we're locked out of any juicy deals. I mean, screechers have been threatening to sue WIIFL for saving Longmont from the LifeBridge Union project (which is a non-starter and a guaranteed turkey to boot). Folks need to remember their words are going to haunt them the next two years. Might pay to keep certain elder Longmont statesmen away from the tantalus.

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