Wednesday, November 25, 2009

They Just Like to Blow Shit Up

The wingnuts are at it again - now they have a plan1 to slaughter all the prairie dogs - not with something as tame as poisons (heck the GOP thinks poisons are fine, as long as it's in food coming from China) but instead with exploding gas. I can almost hear the hillbilly howls of glee now: "Lookee thar Junior! That blowed up reeeaaal good!"

I can understand their eagerness too - with someone like Gabe Santos on council, they no doubt have a gigantic supply of (ahem) natural gas. Trouble is, the system2 they're looking at uses propane. Might take a few custom adapters to get it hooked up to our erstwhile councilman. Besides, flow-control could also be a problem, especially after some of the lunches he eats. But I digress.

Besides, the Dept of Agriculture tried em and they don't work:

"Gas exploding devices or anhydrous ammonia or other toxic gases have not proven to be safe, reliable or effective. The best studies have shown that oxy-acetylene or propane/oxygen mixtures injected for 45 seconds and then ignited only reduced ground squirrel populations by about 40 per cent and did so at a very high cost. Although no data has been generated on the effectiveness of anhydrous ammonia, there has been, at best, mixed comments on its use. Cost, practically, safety and labour are considered serious drawbacks to anhydrous ammonia fumigation."

So if it doesn't work for squirrels, the no-doubt hardier prarie dogs will likely be even less affected. More likely the lil varmints will turn the tables on our would-be extermination advocates and send them all sky-high when their boom-boom machine blows up in their faces.

However, I'm not sure that would be a bad thing... evolution takes a lot of forms3.

Go get em kids, mind the buried services while you're at it - please?

1.  Yes, another. I'm sure they're fantasizing about something to exterminate their opponents too...

2.  I omit the name because it's a pathetic jury-rigged POS with a hyper-macho name and a hefty pricetag. Fine to blow $ on this shit and let the city fall apart.

3.  And heaven knows they could use some evolving... especially to get rid of that monobrow...

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