Friday, November 20, 2009

These two from Dependable Renegade:

Utah state senator suffers Freudian slip:
BUTTARS: I meet with the gays here and there. They were in my house two weeks ago. I don’t mind gays. But I don’t want ‘em stuffing it down my throat all the time. Certainly not in my kid’s face.
and, Palin's Bailin:

Sarah Palin quits signing books?

And her fans are angry? Why, I'm SHOCKED!

Angry crowd shouts at Sarah Palin at her book signing in Noblesville, Indiana on November 19, 2009 after Palin quits and refuses to sign books for around 300 families that spent about 3+ hours getting wristband and another 3+ hours waiting in line to get the Palin book signed. At Borders bookstore it was announced that 1,000 individuals would be given wristbands and could get two books signed each. By the time Sarah Palin quit, there were still about 300 individuals and there families who did not get even one book signed.

Fucking trailer trash diva.

Wow. If that's what the GOP calls 'making a comeback'... well then... more power to em.

And now a tribute to our elder statesman. Cough cough.

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R. Anthony Lee said...

I wonder if someone offered--or threatened--to stuff it down his throat. With a name like Buttars, he deserves to have it stuffed somewhere.