Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sore Winners Denied Chance for One More Kick

Once more the flailing wingnut right attempted to make something out of nothing (their specialty) and got de-nied:

From the Times-Call article:
Richard Yale had filed the complaint about the adequacy of disclosures in the Fissinger campaign committee’s reports relating to the expenses involved in making and transporting two 4-by-8-foot signs that were displayed on the side of a parked vehicle at various locations since late July.

But a majority of Election Committee members appeared to agree that Charles Hanson, the Fissinger committee’s registered agent, had accounted for the sign-production costs in an amended campaign-finance report.

Most of the Election Committee members also declined to go along with a contention by Yale and Renaud that Duane Leise, a Fissinger campaign volunteer, should have reported the costs of the gasoline consumed and the value of using his own vehicle to transport and display the campaign signs.
Fissinger — who lost her bid for one of the two at-large seats filled in this year’s council elections — thanked the committee for its decision. And Yale thanked the panel “for your fair hearing this evening.”

I'll just bet that sent the wingers home fuming, failing to deliver just one more kick to their hated opponents. Sorry about that folks, guess you'll have to settle for having your chosen thugs on council and not bankrupting Ms. Fissinger.

The complaint itself was the most ridiculous bullshit:
"...the costs of the gasoline consumed and the value of using his own vehicle to transport and display the campaign signs."

Using that logic, every candidate that had folks take yard signs around for distribution would have to log the same charges. Ludicrous - and shameful. But when you're talking about the politics of personal destruction, there's apparently no lower limit for these people. (has there ever been one?)

I think this is just one indication of the petty vindictiveness you can expect from this council and their supporters. No doubt we'll see more of this kind of childish nonsense as the Amoral Majority ramps up their attack on Longmont via their catspaws.

I have to commend Kaye for tolerating a near-continuous stream of lies, innuendo and hate during the election, she handled this very well. If anyone deserved a single-finger salute from her, it was the clowns behind this sad attempt at political payback.

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