Monday, November 16, 2009

Just to make something clear

A while back I saw this comment posted on a Times-Call article:

I'd like to retract my comment a few weeks ago following one of resident's rants about KBs opponents hiding behind anonymity. I stated that even Doug Wray was man enough to use his name when posting while resident hypocritically hid behind his anonymous sign on. Interestingly I have not seen a post with Doug Wray's name on it for weeks and if I were a betting person, I'd bet he's posting under another name lately. Am I right resident?
JCH, Longmont, CO, 10/31/2009 11:53 AM

The reason you didn't see any posts from me for weeks is because I generally don't post during the day and my evenings were taken up with my fiancee. Sorry if I put my personal life ahead of fighting off the endless smears encouraged by the Times-Call non-moderation staff.

For the record, I've -never- posted under an anonymous pseudonym. I sometimes post as 'doogman' and the connection from that name to me is quite obvious - my photo is on the blog.

I could see a definite effort to provoke a response from me on the TC article comments. Sorry not to provide you more keyboard-masturbation fare and tea-time slander-fests, but I had other priorities, unlike you sad little children.

As for the Times-Call's 'registration' system, it's a joke. There's just as many anonymous posters and only the TC management knows who they really are.

How convenient.

As for Terms of Service and moderation - also a joke. Libelous and slanderous remarks were and still are routinely posted and allowed to stand even when challenged.

I'd like to think the Times-Call management would work to help unite the community again, especially since they were instrumental in helping to divide it, but judging by their actions thus far, I'm not counting on it.

Thank God we have a viable competitor to the Times-Call now - the Longmont Ledger.

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