Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hope for peace but examine their words

I was recently considering all the things said online since the last city council election. The following excerpts may be illuminating as to the intent and plans of the current City Council:

From How Hard is it to Fill Out a Mail In Ballot? (by Stephanie Baum, Mayor Baum's wife)
If you are like me, and love this city, and are horrified by the thought of a small, extreme group determining the economic future of our city...
I have to agree Stephanie - my worst nightmare has come true. So the protestations of good intentions by the new conservative majority kind of ring hollow.

From We Have an Ice Rink... and a Freeze on Hiring
Last I looked, there were job postings on the City of Longmont website for Seasonal Ice Rink Workers. The city council voted to keep the rink, but in light of budget constraints, enacted a hiring freeze. Wouldn't that mean that the city infact can't hire the workers to run the ice rink? Am I missing something here? 
Nope, you're not missing a thing Steph. In fact, one of Bryan's ardent supporters sums it up neatly:

Wow. So, if this is any indication at all, I think we can count on seeing staff cuts or at least all the furlough days being used. Nothing like balancing the books on the backs of the middle class - a standard corporate practice it seems.

From The New City Council is at it AGAIN
Every year the city grants hundreds of thousands of tax revenue dollars to Habitat for Humanity and Thistle Community Housing for low income housing development. Maybe the city should keep that money and do the development itself
Why, of course! Then the money could be funnelled into the pockets of their dear, dear friends like Dale Bruns. You remember him I'm sure, the front man for the 4C. I'm sure he's planning his next dream house right now - with your tax dollars, courtesy of Longmont's rightwing Lunatic Fringe - now in charge of Council.

An on the the topic of respect for potential candidates:
From For being a NASA Engineer, Juday is no Rocket Scientist
Juday, the consummate Socialist...
Ah, I love the smell of GOP jingo in the morning - it smells like... well... actually I don't like it. Especially when I'm convinced this is the attitude of our new Mayor.

and to hear the slogan 'Longmont is open for business' seems to ring a bit hollow in light of this post:

From: More Jobs in Longmont Might Not Be The Right Focus...
Longmont's unemployment rate sits right at 4% - perfect! If we start adding jobs, without increasing the population with which to fill those jobs, there will be a surplus of jobs - a bad thing!
Yep. If there's a surplus of jobs, then employees might have a choice - and in employer-owned Colorado, that's a 'bad thing' - workers are disposable comodities that can be made with unskilled labor, so are therefore, by definition, trash to the folks in charge. And don't you forget it you uppity bastards or we'll call in hired guns - again.

And there's more:
Yes, we want to attract more high tech jobs, but in doing do we must also find ways to make our city more attractive to a transient population so that they will choose to make Longmont their home rather than the surrounding communities.
'A transient population' ? Let's call that what it is - workers displaced by cuts elsewhere. The bottom line to the GOP is drive the economy down, lay off workers, start new businesses with even lower wages and hire only the truly desperate - then you can crush your competition by cutting your prices lower than theirs and never have to worry about your employees going elsewhere -make sure there's never a job 'surplus'. Ever.

And when it comes to raking muck, Ms. Baum is a genius - however she let slip her disdain for anything that comes from the creative sphere:

From Changes to Juday's Site
He now has a link on his website where he calls himself "A Scientist with Creative Ideas." I think he's getting "creative" confused with "socialist."
Ah, more of that fine, fine Jingo. Damn I just love the way she weaves that in. So 'creative' equals 'socialist' ? I'm sure all the folks that her husband has raised money for would find that attitude repugnant. Shhh. Let's not tell em.

Sometimes it's the things not said that are most revealing.
From:"One Nation...(pause...pause)...Indivisible, With Libery and Justice for All"

She castigates Richard Juday for having a link called 'Science and Creationism' by saying:
Well, Atheists don't believe in God so I guess when they pledge allegiance to their flag, they omit those words to be true to their ideals - that's my best guess anyway.
So... let me parse this... anyone that doesn't believe in Creationism is... (pause pause) ... an atheist? I'm very curious how our Mayor feels on this subject. Or is it just what they want their hard-working campaigners to think they believe the same way they do? Nothing like using the theocrats to support your purposes when it suits you. Sweet. And profitable too!

I also heard over and over and over and OVER again how the reason the right-wing attack sites were anonymous was because they were terrified that 'names would be listed' hmmm.

I give you: Juday's Hidden Blog
Note the long list of names.

Hm... so... let me get this straight... now that your tactics (that you claimed the Progressives were using) have given you control of Council we're supposed to shake hands, pat you on the back and hope for the best?

Right. Or should I say 'far lunatic fringe right'...

Keep an eye on the thermometer - when Hell freezes over I'll believe you and your crowd 'want the best for Longmont' - what you classify as 'Longmont' doesn't include anyone that opposed you - just shy of half the town.

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Kaye Fissinger said...

"If you are like me, and love this city, and are horrified by the thought of a small, extreme group determining the economic future of our city,"

You betcha, Stephanie, I'm horrified at every city council meeting and will be for the next two years.

And she also says, "only 41% of registered voters took the time to fill out a ballot." This time it was only a 28.81% turnout. See what trash politics gets ya -- low turnout and even lower quality representation.